Do Cats Dream?

Felines dream and can even have nightmares while they sleep, just like people do

Do cats dream when they sleep? And if the answer is yes, what do they dream of? Do you imagine that you hunt mice or that you play with other animals while they sleep? Do they have nightmares? In this article all these mysteries about feline sleep are revealed. It also explains why they rest so deeply and why when they suddenly wake up they feel so bewildered

Do cats dream when they sleep?

Do Cats Dream? The answer is yes, the scientists explain: felines, like people, dream. But not only that: when they sleep, they can sleep in a very deep way . When they sleep, cats and dogs intersperse successive phases of deep or REM sleep with other slow wave stages. It is during these phases of deep rest, called REM , that these animals, like dogs, dream .

Felines, in addition to dreaming, are very sleepy. This statement will not surprise anyone who has shared life with one of them. For example, a data from the Association of Veterinarians of Cats: “Domestic cats dedicate to the placid activity of sleep between 14 and 16 hours a day “.

When do cats dream?

But if cats dream, when do they do it? Those almost 16 hours seems like too long a time. However, they do not dream during that entire period, but alternate moments of light sleep with others of deeper rest, and more likely to give free rein to their dreams. Consequently, experts explain that the most intense dreams of felines appear during the so-called REM or deep phase of rest .

Those two studies not only confirmed the ability of cats to dream. “They also inaugurated the so-called ‘Golden Age of Sleep’, as they helped scientists understand how important deep sleep phases are in humans and other animals and how the REM stage is associated with our ability to dream.

Cats dream, loose feet!

Cats not only sleep many hours but also sleep very deeply. This ability of felines to sleep very intensely is something that, however, will not surprise anyone who has shared their life with one of these pets. Felines are very difficult animals to wake up when they are in their REM phase.

That also explains the very relaxed and enviable postures that cats that sleep peacefully can acquire on the bed, the sofa, the chairs and even on sunny floors. A feline during the REM phase of its rest relaxes completely and its neck loses any trace of tension. “In fact, a cat that dreams does it deeply and, when it is suddenly awakened, it seems confused, it is confused .

And what do cats dream of?

The scientists are still studying all the implications of sleep in people . For now, it does seem clear that the ability to dream in cats, like dreams in dogs or humans, plays an important role in the evolution of the feline brain and also in its ability to learn and retain that knowledge.

But what do cats dream of ? Although cats cannot speak or tell what they have dreamed of when they wake up, we can imagine what they dream, compared to what humans dream. In this way, it can be assumed that a cat that is moving or moving its paws quickly, dreams that it is chasing a mouse or toy, and that if it rests peacefully, it may taste some tasty recipes of homemade food for cats in dreams.

So if cats dream,  can they also have nightmares? Of course , in the same way that animals can have pleasant dreams, they can also experience nightmares or negative dreams,.

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