Diseases of older dogs, what they are and how to treat them

Old age  affects both people and animals. A dog that is at least 8 years old is already considered old. In large breeds, this stage of life may even come earlier. From this moment on, the animal will begin to experience imbalances at the general level of the organism. We are not just talking about physical ailments, but also mental ailments, including Alzheimer’s .

Nature must take its course and, unfortunately, no one can stop time. Don’t get caught up in melancholy or sadness. Be calm and do your best to give your four-legged friend a still dignified, healthy and comfortable life. Let’s see together what are the most typical pathologies of older dogs and, above all, how to deal with them effectively.

The most common diseases of older dogs

When the disease arrives, it is normal for the animal’s personality to suffer. You will notice less physical stamina and willpower. The animal may begin to suffer from hearing or vision loss. It will also be normal to be slow, apathetic and unwilling to leave the house.

It is very important to know your senior dog’s illnesses. In this way you will be able to assist him in the best possible way, guaranteeing him a comfortable existence.

Major diseases of older dogs and treatment


It is the most common of older dog diseases. It also occurs in people and other animals. Symptoms of arthritis are well known: joint and bone pain, discomfort when performing movements and so on.

If diagnosed early, arthritis can be treated . Although it is a progressive disease, there are several ways to slow its impact on the animal’s body. The vet will be responsible for providing proper treatment to combat arthritis. It is important to go to the professional as soon as the first symptoms of the pathology are visible.

Kidney disease

Most older dogs have kidney dysfunction. This type of disease is chronic and typically begins to manifest itself through failure of the kidney system. There will be obvious symptoms, such as loss of appetite and nausea , two of the main ones.

As in the case of arthritis, these conditions have no cure. Even so, they can be controlled and managed even in very old animals. Your vet will provide you with a range of medications designed to reduce the discomfort caused by kidney disease .


It is certainly one of the biggest problems, common to many older dogs. Deafness is a very uncomfortable condition for your pet. For this reason it will be necessary to develop the dog’s visual attention very well . If your four-legged friend is deaf, he will begin to communicate mainly through his eyes.


Along with deafness, blindness is another common condition in older dogs. We can distinguish between two types of blindness. One is degenerative (has no cure), the other is related to falls. For the latter it will be possible to consider surgery.

It should be remembered that sight , although very important, is not the main sense . A blind dog will perfectly maintain its lifestyle habits, thanks to its precise and powerful sense of smell.

Cognitive dysfunction

Like us humans, dogs can also suffer from cognitive dysfunction. Something very normal in old age. Among the symptoms of this disease we find insomnia, disorientation, memory loss … In these cases, it is necessary to go to the vet . The doctor can prescribe appropriate medications to control the disease.

Cancer: one of the worst diseases of older dogs

This fearful disease, unfortunately, does not spare even our beloved four-legged friends. There are two triggers for cancer in dogs. First, the food . The other is connected to the great pollution of the environment . As this is a silent disease, the only way to detect it in time is through frequent visits to the vet.

As in the case of humans, diagnosed cancer can be treated in time. However, it is a very delicate disease.


We conclude this special list of diseases that affect older dogs with what, probably, some might underestimate in a young animal. In those later in life, obesity can cause far greater damage. Baby food, treats and excess food can be the basis for a sure malaise. The animal will begin to suffer from pain in the joints, with the onset, later, of renal and cardiac dysfunctions.

proper diet is essential to keep your dog healthy and active. Many of the diseases that affect older dogs can be triggered by poor eating habits.

We have seen which are the most common diseases of older dogs. Knowing and knowing how to treat them means not only offering effective care to your four-legged friend, but above all helping him when he is most weak and insecure. An elderly dog ​​is like an elderly person, he needs even more understanding, patience and love.

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