Depressed cats and dogs: Treat them with cannabis oil

Naples, a Start up company launches natural cannabis-based products for the treatment of common ailments of our furry friends, such as anxiety and depression.

Recently, the use of legal cannabis has become more and more popular and numerous shops have sprung up all over the world to sell this natural remedy. Although the beneficial effects on humans are well known, the effects that cannabis can have on animals are still an unexplored topic. Today this Italian company tells us about its cannabis application project for the care of our pets.

Cannabis against depression in dogs and cats

The project carried out by four young aspiring entrepreneurs concerns the aromatherapy use of cannabidiol.

Cannabis oil contains 5% CBD, an active ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, useful as a remedy in the prevention of anxiety, panic or insomnia.The product is particularly suitable for treating dogs suffering from aggressive behavioral disorders or cats as a post sterilization aid. Cannabis oil is produced in Switzerland. The oil is extracted through a natural process without the use of toxic substances, from organic crops. This method allows to obtain a 100% natural product.Once produced, the oil is tested in specialized laboratories in Switzerland and subsequently also in Italy, by laboratories certified by the Ministry of Health, which guarantees its compliance.

The statements of the founders of the project

“We decided to open this business through the legislative gap that opened in 2016. Law 242 of 2016, in fact, gave the green light to the use of products made with cannabis sativa within precise limits of THC, one of the principles active ingredients of cannabis. It was an important first step because it opens up the use of what is perhaps the most criminalized plant in the world but with enormous potential ”, says Chiara Basile, one of the three partners of the Weedentity start-up.

“Our oils for dogs and cats have no psychoactive effects but only muscle relaxants. In other words, animals are not ‘sedated’, CBD, the only cannabinoid present in oils, is not addictive ”, explains the woman.

Chiara Basile also enlightens us on the degree of satisfaction of customers who have tried it: “Industrial hemp, which has a concentration of THC (the cannabinoid with psychoactive effects) close to 0%, allows our 4-legged friends to remain alert and reactive but it even relieves them of chronic pain or arthritis. The reaction of our customers was enthusiastic, even dogs that barked and growled found harmony ”.

It is not the first time that cannabis has been given to animals. American veterinarian Dr. Douglas Kramer first decided to administer it to his terminally ill husky with the intent of relieving his pain, with astounding results.

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