Dehydrated food for Dogs and Cats what is it?

Do you have a pet and do you usually feed it daily with commercial feed or cans of food?

It is something we do daily, as a routine, perhaps without stopping to think if it is the most suitable for them. But there are alternative ways of feeding like dehydrated food for dogs and cats. Discover below everything you need to know about this dehydrated natural diet . Surely your dog or cat can benefit from a diet other than processed and industrial foods. But is better? is more expensive? What does it consist of exactly? Let’s see.

What is dehydrated food for dogs and cats?

This type of food is innovative and is committed at all times to the natural,  as well as to offer a food of high biological and nutritional value, with all its properties. Therefore, dehydrated dog food  is a mixture of high quality meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

It keeps intact the flavor, aroma, color and even the nutritional contributions of each food. Always in a fresh and natural product, which results from the process of eliminating water from food. Just water.

Thus, it becomes a healthy option to feed your pets, using natural products and with a totally different production process .Similar as an alternative to the Barf diet. These foods are free of preservatives, colorants, by-products or animal flours, which are common ingredients in most feed produced by industries.

Ingredients and method of preparation

The  natural food for dogs dehydrated consists of ingredients  100% fit for human consumption, because they come from factories that comply with all regulations necessary for that to be so.

Then, when it comes to getting the final mixture, this process is carried out in plants that also manufacture food for people. Therefore, all  quality and food safety controls  are the same. Don’t your pets have the same right?In this sense, we cite Naku, pioneers in this type of dehydrated natural diet and with a very complete range .

As for the preparation of the final food, it is nothing more than the sum of the other high-quality, dehydrated foods.

For example, salmon, white fish, pork, chicken, potato, rice, pumpkin, apple, tomato, banana, green beans, spinach, eggs, cabbage, some spices, garlic, oats, sunflower oil and even yogurt are used. natural in its  different preparations. Always in the proportions that are necessary for dogs and cats, since their nutritional needs are not the same.

But  why is the water removed?  Because ending the humidity at low temperatures prolongs the useful life of the food, without it losing any of its properties.

Thus, this treatment keeps its natural nutrients intact , favouring a  good conservation, of even ten months. Once chopped and washed, these foods are dehydrated and mixed to make the final product. There is nothing else.

Differences compared to traditional feed

You have already verified that the ingredients are really natural in these dehydrated diets and not other similar ones, as some feed contains, but sometimes incorrectly reported  on their own packaging label.

Bones, legs and other animal remains are used instead of meat or fish as such, for example. Thus, your pet certainly does not eat that  advertised meat, but  chicken meal. This is just one example of the many that there are, when it comes to reporting the origin of the raw material, to make these foods for daily consumption.

Be careful, we do not say that all brands do, because there are feeds that are made with high nutritional value.

In addition, another difference is in the consumption of the food, since the feed is usually always presented in a solid and very dry state, without signs of humidity.

That which is present in dehydrated food, because after being treated properly, it is a fresh and tasty natural food. For example: Once hydrated, 10 kg of product would equal 40 kg of fresh food.

Benefits of dehydrated food in dogs and cats

With all the aforementioned, the  benefits for your dog or cat are reflected in the prevention of diseases (bone or joint, respiratory, brain, circulation or heart, digestive, obesity …), as well as reducing allergies, vomiting, diarrhea and hair or skin problems, increasingly common in domestic dogs and cats.

There are formats of this food especially indicated for specific objectives or personalized diets to better adapt the type of product necessary.

A good diet is synonymous with health, we are what we eat and this can be perfectly applied to our cats and dogs. If you do not know Naku, we precisely encourage you to visit them, and learn about all the possibilities, to get started in this diet.

How to switch to this new natural food? It’s expensive?

Finally, you should know that this food is not more expensive than the traditional one and how you can change the diet:  you just have to do it little by little, alternating feed or cans with the new food, never suddenly.

Our assessment of dehydrated food

Actually, feeding your pet traditional food of dubious quality means feeding it with products as processed as many that are marketed for human beings (cereals, pastries, caloric soft drinks, cookies, etc.) and that are not the most recommended in frequent consumption. That said, if you want your furry friend to eat a healthier and more balanced diet , you should go for the  best dehydrated food for dogs and cats. This way they will feel more  energetic  to play, walk or run and even more likely to live longer. A safe bet in the health of your pet!

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