Dangerous games and pastimes for cats to avoid

Cats are very playful: but what are the dangerous games that they absolutely shouldn’t play? All prohibited items.

Spending time playing with our cat is one of the main reasons perhaps why many choose him as a pet: it is fun to be together and also use some games made especially for him. Yet there are objects that the feline likes but which are absolutely not recommended for his health, indeed they can be downright dangerous. Let’s see together what are the pastimes that we should keep away from our four-legged friend.

The cat: a real playful!

The cat loves to play at any age: the goliardic and playful instinct of the puppy cat will be kept intact even when the cat is an adult, and if we do not see an elderly cat moving and running it is only for the aches of age, certainly not for his spirit. Play is not only a pastime to give a move to an always monotonous life (although cats love the daily routine and are very jealous of it), but it is also an outlet for them not to accumulate stress and nervousness. He plays with everything from branches to leaves of ornamental plants (beware of toxic plants), but if we take care to provide him with toys that suit his needs, we certainly won’t run any risk to his health.

It can happen to see him nail his nails on our sofa, so it is good to protect the furniture and the entire furniture from scratches, but also curtains and plants: maybe let’s buy him a scratch-puller, on which he can sharpen his nails and climb. It is also absolutely recommended to rely on products that comply with current regulations on the safety of our pets.

Dangerous games for cats – the ideal characteristics of the toy

Before taking a look at all the prohibited toys, or objects that fulfill this function, it is good to know all the characteristics that the ideal toy for our feline friend should have. First of all, the material must be resistant and non-toxic: its parts should never come off although they are subject to wear. When they start to lose small parts it could be dangerous and therefore better to put them aside. Even when it comes to compliant products, it is better that they are used under the supervision of the owner, who can intervene immediately if necessary. Furthermore, the products should not be used in a different way from how they were designed: otherwise, even if it is aintact product and that respects the rules, it could equally damage the feline.

If the toy is made of a string tied to the central piece, it could swallow it, or if it contains feathers that can easily detach, we must be careful that the cat does not put them in his mouth and choke. When he has finished playing, it is advisable to put all the games and their objects in a container that is not within his reach, so as not to be used without our control.

Dangerous games for cats: all the ones to avoid

Ropes, feathers, but also plastic caps are among the favorite objects of our cats: as funny as they are dangerous because they could be easily ingested and suffocate the cat, so much so as to require immediate veterinarian intervention. In fact, by its very conformation, the cat’s tongue is covered with backward-facing hooks, which tend to trap everything. Also for this reason the cat is able to provide very well for its cleaning by itself, precisely thanks to its language. If she accidentally ingests a piece of string or a solid piece of elongated shape, it could travel along the intestine and contort it, at which point the only option will be surgery to remove the object. Let’s see in detail what are the absolutely forbidden games for our cat, in order to keep them well away from his paws.

Rubber bands

Especially women use rubber bands to tie their hair: well these are among our cat’s favorite ‘games’, perhaps due to the particularity of lengthening and shrinking. Although its size can be very small, the rubber band is actually very dangerous for the cat. If ingested it can cause suffocation and serious intestinal disorders of the cat. If he really wants to touch it, never let him play alone with the rubber band and try to distract him as soon as we get the chance. The same goes for the thin plastic threads that are used to close the separate waste collection bags. Like hair elastic, ingested string can cause intestinal blockages or lodge at the base of the tongue or pylorus.

Ball of wool

The typical image of the cat playing with a ball of yarn is actually more insidious than it seems. If he puts wool in his mouth, it accumulates in small quantities in his stomach with disastrous results for his health.

Electric wires

Often when cats have nothing to play with, they enjoy pulling, touching and biting the electrical wires of appliances and appliances that are never lacking in a home. Better therefore to distract them with games much more suited to their needs, to prevent them from being electrocuted in contact with these dangerous wires connected to the current.

Toy mice

If in the form of a stuffed animal, often with small plastic parts that can be swallowed, these cute mice are often very popular with cats. the best thing to do is to eliminate the small parts that can be inhaled or eaten by the feline and then let them play. Cats really like the shape of the mouse as it awakens their predatory instincts with the prey to grab. Even for battery-powered mice, which move by simulating the rat race and triggering an inevitable ‘mouse chase’ by the cat, they must always be used under the strict control of the human. In fact, if the cat comes into contact with the battery, it could have intoxication .

Envelopes and bags

As with babies, plastic bags and envelopes are often the object of the cat’s attention. The risk is that it can get stuck in it and suffocate, especially due to the laces. Even chewing the material is certainly not good for his health.


First of all, pay attention to the dimensions: they must not be too small to be ingested or inhaled, therefore glass marbles are banned. We prefer golf balls or ping pong and let the cat play, perhaps in a fenced area. If it is polystyrene balls it is better to stay away from them as they could suffocate if their particles are detached.

The master’s hand

If you have accustomed your cat to starting fights and fights with your hand, when it is an adult you will regret it. Your hand is not a game and the cat must get used to not treating it as such, just to avoid hurting you when he gets stronger and his nails harder and sharper.

Dangerous games: what to do if you ingest one

It may happen that in a moment of inattention or superficiality on the part of the owner, the cat ingests a toy or part of it. To avoid worsening the situation it is good to call the vet immediately and explain the situation, perhaps taking him to the nearest veterinary emergency room if we notice the first signs of suffocation. If we see a thread dangling from the cat’s mouth we must resist the temptation to pull it: this is because often the thread can twist around the intestine and our pulling can cause damage and perforations, even with consequent internal bleeding.

When the cat ingests an object it could present the following symptoms: loss of appetite, vomiting, intestinal blockage and constipation or diarrhea, general feeling of weakness and exhaustion, fever, dehydration and lethargy. Generally when a cat ingests a foreign body, the only possible remedy is surgery that not only extracts the object but also tries to repair the damage created by its passage, before the intestine is at risk of necrosis.

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