Dangerous Foods that Dogs Should not Eat

The people enjoy daily meals that are dangerous for the dog . 


The grapes are juicy and tasty. However, both grapes and raisins, are toxic to the dog. They affect the functioning of your kidneys”, For this reason, do not offer a single grape to the dog.

Seafood: cause of constipation for the dog

Shellfish shells contain a substance called chitin that the dog does not digest well. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

On the other hand, seafood is a food rich in uric acid. Most dogs do not have a problem with this substance, except for one breed: the Dalmatian, which can suffer from gout.

Chocolate, toxic to the animal

The chocolate is a sweet very present in nougat and other Christmas sweets. However, it is not recommended for dogs. It contains a substance called theobrimine, which is toxic to dogs. So much so, that the ingestion of 100 grams of dark chocolate would have serious consequences for the health of a dog weighing 15 kilos.

Chocolate can be an ingredient in many sweets, such as marzipan or polvorones, camouflaged in small quantities, so it is not recommended to offer this type of product to the dog.

Onion and garlic: dangers for the dog

The onion contains a component (thiosulfate) that destroys the red blood cells of the dog. The consequences for the health of the dog, especially if it is sick or is very old, are anemia, weakness and respiratory problems .

The feed and food business for the dog not contain onions, but be careful with waste meals and Christmas dinner , where the dog can poke around. To avoid this, the rubbish bin can be placed in a place where the animal does not have access, such as inside a closet or in a bin with a lid.

Garlic, present in many festive dishes, is also harmful to the dog. Dogs do not have a digestive system ready to properly metabolize garlic. So, if ingested, it will be like taking a toxic compound.

Dairy: diarrhea in the dog

Milk and other products that contain lactose , such as yogurts, cheese or even some desserts, are not recommended for the health of the dog. The dog does not assimilate this molecule when ingesting it in large quantities because its stomach lacks the enzyme in charge of destroying and metabolizing it .

The consequences for a dog taking lactose are digestive problems , such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Alcohol: toxic to dogs

Champagne and wine are some of the usual alcoholic beverages on the tables during Christmas dinners and meals. Therefore, extreme caution must be exercised if there are dogs and other animals at home.

Any alcoholic beverage is harmful and toxic to the dog , even in small amounts. In addition, it does not provide any benefit for your diet.