Dandruff in cats: causes, remedies

Cats are very clean, but even so, they are always exposed to suffering disorders and conditions in their skin or fur, such is the case of dandruff in cats.

Fortunately, this skin condition is not serious, but it must be treated as soon as possible, because it can cause other diseases that affect cats.

There are both natural and veterinary options that are extremely effective in effectively attacking cat dander and completely eliminating both the symptoms and the injuries caused.

This is why it is essential that you stay informed on the subject and know the symptoms, treatments and prevention of dandruff in cats. So that you take care of your cat in the best way. And this will be possible if you continue reading this post.

What is dander in cats?

The Dandruff is dead skin that is out of the scalp. Sometimes it falls off or remains in the cat’s hair. Although sometimes it is normal for it to be excreted, because cells are renewed.

What is not normal, is the excess of dead skin, because it means that there is possibly a problem in the skin of the cat that suffers from it.

It is essential that you keep your cat’s skin healthy and cared for, sometimes you will find small white dots, this being normal and they are easily removed with daily brushing.

Causes of dandruff in cats

The reasons or causes that your cat has dandruff can be several, they can occur continuously or occasionally and among them we have:

  • Lack of water : if your cat does not drink enough water, its skin will become dry. This can lead to dandruff. As well as the exposure of the air conditioning or the low humidity in the environment, which could be mitigated, with a humidifier.

As well as avoid long time exposure in the sun

  • Inadequate diet : it is important to review our cat’s diet, since an unbalanced diet low in omega 3 can dry out the cat’s skin. The hair loses shine, falls out abundantly and stimulates the appearance of cat dander.
  • Excessive cat bathing : Remember, if a cat is very dirty, because it has been soiled with a chemical product or has come from the street with grease, parasites, mud and dirt, it is recommended to bathe it promptly. But beyond these cases, it is not a good practice, as cats’ skin suffers and loses its natural protection (natural oils). A domestic cat, vaccinated and living in a closed home, should not bathe. They clean themselves.

This deficiency can be incorporated with fish oil or by administering vitamins.

  • Allergies: This is another reason why a cat gets dander, food and environmental allergies.
  • Obesity : when the cat cannot groom itself easily because of excess weight, they lose flexibility, leaving dry spaces, which causes dandruff to appear.
  • Stress: cats are usually very sensitive to changes and can become depressed, causing an excess or lack of interest in grooming, which either causes the appearance of dandruff.
  • Mites: or walking dandruff as some call it, it is caused by a mite called Cheyletiella, which although it looks like dandruff, is parasites that live on the cat’s skin, very contagious.

How to get rid of dandruff in cats

Although cat dander is usually harmless for us, in our feline friends, it is not, since the cause of dandruff may be something else.

So the most advisable thing is to take our cat to the vet, to rule out possible diseases or parasites.

If your diet is adequate or not, it will indicate reinforcement with omega 3, 6 and vitamins, you must also condition your food, depending on your age.

They will prescribe special shampoo and lotions, to eliminate dandruff, if your cat does not like the bathroom, is not used to it and you are afraid, there are wet sanitary towels that you can use.

You can help your cat by playing and paying more attention, with that you help them reduce weight and stress, and brushing, it is important to brush them frequently .

Dandruff-related diseases in cats

Although dandruff can be easily cured, it is also an indication that our cat may have a secondary disease.

It can be related, with parasites or bacteria, that if we do not notice and cure in time, it can affect other animals that we have at home. Even depending on what it has, it can affect us, since there are cat diseases that can transmit it to us, or if it is not treated in time, our cat could have a fatal outcome.

These diseases can be confused with dandruff, in its beginnings, but then other symptoms appear such as: irritation and itching, among them we have:

Dermatitis : it can be caused by an allergen in the environment or an irritant product with which the cat has direct contact , it can get rashes and scabs on the skin. Dermatitis can be confused with dandruff.

Ringworm : this is produced by fungi , the cat loses hair, their skin dries out, they emit a bad smell in the affected areas. Ringworm is a skin disease that can bring serious dangers to our cat.

It is very contagious, it is even transmitted to humans, so it must be attacked quickly and effectively.

Here you will find more information on diseases related to the skin of cats:

Home remedies for dandruff in cats

A very effective treatment to attack dandruff in cats is using home remedies. Although it is important to keep in mind that they can only relieve itching of the skin and even regenerate cells.

The cat dander can be accompanied by some dermatology infection being most preferred always go to the vet promptly

aloe vera

One of the home remedies that nature gives us the most powerful when it comes to attacking cat dandruff, is aloe vera. Its effects on the scalp are extremely effective.

It is only necessary to peel that cactus and extract the aloe vera crystal, which is very rich in anti-inflammatory properties and effective active principles to fight skin infections.

Aloe will act by regenerating cells, while providing a cooling effect, reduces itching and reduces inflammation very quickly, the lesions caused by scratching so much.

In addition, this effective remedy is used so easily that you only have to apply the crystal or pulp on the cat’s skin directly for a few minutes or rub it to penetrate more quickly.


Another very natural and effective option to treat dandruff is oatmeal. This cereal has antiseptic and refreshing properties to attack and alleviate the annoying symptoms of dandruff, it also nourishes and hydrates the feline’s dermis.  

It can be applied in two ways, incorporating a small amount in the diet and / or complementing it with a refreshing bath with warm water.

You can add a little oatmeal flakes or with an oatmeal shampoo for cats.

Omega 3

An omega 3 vitamin, which is rich in fatty acids, acts as a cell regenerator of the cat’s skin tissues. This vitamin composed of healthy fat has many benefits on the body of people, just like pets.

Including it as a treatment or as a nutritional supplement to treat the pathology of cat dandruff provides the following benefits:

  • Nourishes the scalp and coat, notably improving the symptoms of dandruff and the lesions caused by itching.
  • Omega 3 has many anti-inflammatory properties, so it will quickly relieve skin inflammation caused by scratching.

Omega 3 can also be administered with foods rich in fatty acids, (there are specific feed). This is a more natural way to provide the same benefits to the cat’s body.

The food sources of omega 3 that can be given to cats are olive oil and fish.

Some recommendations

Cats are animals that clean themselves without needing a bath, that is why experts always recommend only bathing them when necessary. Bathing the cat constantly can cause dandruff or make it worse.

It is very important to emphasize that it is necessary to use products specially designed for cats. Since they were scientifically tested and do not cause harm.

And, unlike in the bathroom, brushing with a soft bristle brush should be a habit to perform periodically .

Something as simple as this is vital for good hair and skin care. Take 5 minutes a day for this simple “ritual”.

Since brushing the coat helps to extract the dead cells present, in addition to activating blood circulationin the affected areas.

Thus, a regeneration of the cells of the skin tissues can take place.

Any treatment, be it veterinary drugs or homemade and natural solutions, all are very effective but prevention is always essential .

This can be done very easily, it is enough just a good feeding and hydration of the feline and a good brushing habit , are some of the useful measures to avoid uncomfortable dandruff in cats 

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