Common Dog-Walking Mistakes to Avoid

In addition to doing their poop , dogs must leave home to move around and burn off energy , breathe fresh air, socialize with other animals and develop their senses.

If you also have a dog, you may make some mistakes when walking it. Mostly, it is a lack of information, which leads to accepting as valid behaviors that are actually wrong. So let’s see what are the mistakes to avoid when going out with your four-legged friend.

Common mistakes when walking your dog

A good owner devotes a lot of time to his dog, for example taking him for a walk even 3 or 4 times a day . But, with the passage of time, it is possible that you stop paying attention to very important details, both for the health of the animal and for the respect of others and the surrounding environment. If you really want to go out with your dog correctly, here is what you absolutely must not do :

1. Prevent him from smelling the surroundings

The sense of smell is very important for dogs, because thanks to it they can orient themselves, find food, identify a person or even prevent a danger or a threat. When your dog smells garbage, other pet litter, or anything else on the street, they tend to automatically pull the leash to move them away.

On the contrary, you must allow the animal to smell its surroundings and to come into contact with the “aromas” of other nearby dogs. Believe it or not, this habit not only allows him to understand the environment, but also serves to make him relax.

2. Not picking up his poop

Have you forgotten the hygiene bag? Are you in a hurry? Don’t you like doing it? Collecting your pet’s poop is not the most beautiful task in the world, but it is mandatory to do so to keep streets and parks clean. Furthermore, you will avoid the contagion of diseases, the bad smell and that others can step on the excrement. It is a responsibility that is also  civic sense and respect for others.

3. Pull the leash

Even if your pet pulls you off the leash, you will never get results if you use the opposite force to bring them closer to your side. Dogs can be very stubborn! Plus, large breeds can easily cause you to lose your balance and even fall if you’re not careful.

On the other hand, you should know that pulling a dog’s leash is not good for his health as it causes stress , throat problems and intraocular pressure , for example . How to avoid this situation? Teach your dog to always walk beside you , have him wear a special harness or use an extendable lead.

4. Walking the dog off-leash

One of the most frequent mistakes, in taking the dog for a walk, is to arrive in a public park and, without too much hesitation, to  free the dog, which will start running, even far away, without more control. Everyone likes to see a dog  sprint at full speed, releasing the excess energy accumulated during the hours spent indoors.

But this habit can be stressful for other animals, dangerous for small children, and even harmful to your own pet . There are two rules that must always be respected:

  1. Calm the dog , making sure he is calm and not overly agitated.
  2. Check the area , checking if there are any dangers (obstacles, sharp objects, other larger dogs), better if there is a fence, to prevent it from going too far.

5. Refuse to play together

Instead of letting your dog run desperately, why not take the opportunity to play together ? There are many activities you can do together, using balls, Frisbees and much more. It is also a good idea to have the animal run next to you, using a bicycle . Obviously, try to keep a not excessive pace.

6. Lack of socialization

A dog that does not socialize is more likely to suffer from anxiety, fear or stress. Therefore, it is essential that you come into contact with other animals from an early age . The park is an ideal place for this, but under certain “conditions”.

As a first step, you should never force or force your pet to become ‘friends’ with other animals. They are the ones who have to get closer little by little, smell each other and feel comfortable. Perhaps the first time the contact will be superficial and distracted, but on subsequent occasions, they will be able to recognize each other and play together.

Remember that large dogs should not “stay together” with small ones, because they can inadvertently hurt them while playing. Therefore, getting a Rottweiler together with a Yorkshire is not a good idea.

7. Losing sight of your dog

We close this review dedicated to the typical mistakes that are committed, taking the dog for a walk, with perhaps the most classic one. One of the biggest responsibilities of you owners is to  never lose sight of the animal . You should always know where it is, what it does and be ready to intervene at any time. Always maintain eye contact with your four-legged friend, as soon as he goes away, call him back to you and try to prevent any dangerous situations.

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