Cold snacks for Cats: 2 truly Delicious Recipes

The heat also knocks down our four-legged friends. Here are 2 delicious cold snack recipes for cats, useful for refreshing cat’s day.

Summer has now arrived and the heat has already knocked on our doors. While we cool off with the air conditioner or eating a nice ice cream, how can we help our little cats to cool off during the hot and muggy days?

In addition to offering your cat shady places to rest, plenty of fresh and clean water to quench his thirst, we can also prepare delicious cold snacks for him that can refresh his palate. Let’s see 2 quick and easy recipes to prepare for our beloved cats when they are hot.

Cold snacks for cats: 2 quick and easy recipes

On hot days our four-legged friends are not able to cool off on their own, as humans do, for this reason they need someone who can help them.

Who but his human? Well, if you live with a feline, know that he too suffers from the heat and needs cool places to rest and plenty of water to avoid dehydration, even if cats don’t drink a lot, you need to encourage them.

But there is also something else you could do to make your cat’s day more refreshing, or rather his palate, in fact you could prepare some cold snacks, useful when our beloved feline is hot.

Let’s see below 2 simple and delicious recipes to refresh your cat in the summer.

Sea delight


  • Can of tuna in water or salmon
  • 1/2 glass of water


  • Mixer
  • Ice molds


To prepare the seafood delight for the feline, put the tuna with its water, the latter is useful both for maintaining the taste of the tuna and for freezing, with 1/2 glass of water and whisk, until obtaining a sort of mashed tuna.

Then pour the mixture into the ice molds, the latter can be of any shape and material. However, it is preferable to use silicone molds.

Place the molds in the freezer for about 2-3 hours, until the ice cube has formed. Finally, remove the seafood delight from the freezer and offer it to the cat.

Surprise cold cookie

Ingredients for 15 biscuits

  • 150 gr. of wet cat food
  • Catnip to taste


  • Bowl
  • 15 plastic cups of 200 ml
  • Film


To make the cold surprise cookies for the Kitty, mix the wet food and catnip in the bowl and form a cookie mixture.

Then insert 10 gr in the 15 glasses of dough. Flatten the mixture by inserting the glasses one inside the other and cover the last glass with cling film to prevent the mixture from being burned by freezing.

Put the glasses in the freezer overnight. After the night, put the bottom of the glass, which is below the stack of glasses, under hot water to free it from the other glasses and let the cold biscuit come out.

Leave the latter in a bowl for 5 minutes before giving it to the cat, in order to offer the cat a fresh and soft biscuit.

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