Cockapoo or Spoodle : appearance, character, training

A dog that in many ways resembles the Poodle and the Cocker, nice and playful like few others

The Cockapoo , also known as the Spoodle , is a hybrid dog breed of US origin. Being such, it is not classified by any international dog association, therefore it has no defined breed standards or set for the pedigree.

It is a very lively dog ​​breed, of medium-small size , born in the 1950s from the sought-after crossing between a Tibetan Spaniel, the English Cocker and the Poodle .

Today it is widespread in many countries of the world, but is more successful in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, where the main farms are concentrated.

The sociable, meek and extremely inclined to the relationship with humans character has made him popular especially as a companion dog . Let’s get to know this very nice furry friend better and discover the traits that best define his personality.

Cockapoo : characteristic appearance

Being a small-medium sized dog, it reaches an average weight between 5 and 9 kg, although it is not so rare to observe more massive and larger specimens. Some, in fact, can weigh up to 30 kg.

Consequently, before adopting or buying one, it is very important to be well informed about the real size that the puppy could take as an adult.

Depending on the crosses and the dominant genetic characters, in fact, the sizes of this breed in some cases can also vary significantly. The height at the withers usually does not usually exceed 35-38 cm, with a rounded head, a fairly long and well defined muzzle, dark eyes and long, drooping ears.

The build of this dog is well proportioned, the chest developed, the legs straight and agile. Some may be “mini”, like the Cocker Spaniel, others much taller.

The most striking aesthetic feature of this dog breed is certainly the thick, slightly wavy or curled, soft and silky coat that is very reminiscent of that of the American Cocker .

The colors range from black to beige, up to golden-brown, apricot, fawn, in all possible shades. Some specimens have darker spots on the belly, legs and ears or under the tail.

Being the result of a cross with the Poodle, the moult is almost nil, it is one of the breeds of dogs that do not shed and therefore suitable for people allergic to canine hair.

Despite this, the thick coat requires frequent grooming, so it could be challenging for those with little time available or confined domestic spaces.

Cockapoo : character

As mentioned, it is a very intelligent, sweet, sociable and easily trainable dog. He loves the company of human beings to whom he becomes attached very easily, and is docile and meek even with other dogs and pets.

Although docile, he is a very energetic, exuberant and playful dog. He runs, jumps and plays almost continuously in fact he needs a lot of movement and a good dose of daily physical activity.

Its greatest merit, from a character point of view, is that it tries to get along with everyone, so they are ideal dogs for children .

In fact, it is very rare to see him angry, aggressive or shy on contact. It is a faithful and obedient companion who continually tries to please his master.

Cockapoo : training and care

If cared for and fed in the right way, this dog is very resistant and has a good life expectancy. On average 12-15 years.

It needs to be brushed vigorously at least two or three times a week to keep the coat healthy and shiny and like all pets, it must be subjected to vaccinations and periodic veterinary visits.

Among the dog care that should never be neglected, we find:

  • Thorough ear cleaning with a soft napkin to avoid inflammation and infection
  • eye inspections and cleaning
  • teeth cleansing 3-4 times a week
  • shear once a year
  • cleaning and checking the claws

Very important is the attention to nutrition which must always be healthy, balanced and provide a specific diet to maintain the well-being of muscles and bones.

Certainly the needs of this dog are:

  • movement , therefore dog fitness and dog games  are ideal as a daily practice.
  • the company , if neglected or isolated, tends to become sad and express its disappointment by showing offense.

Being one of these small dogs, it adapts well to apartment life both in terms of size and habits. It is certainly not noisy, although energetic and inclined to play.

It does not tend to require large spaces and, if well educated from a puppy, it is obedient and knows how to feel comfortable and calm in its place.

Cockapoo puppy

From the first months of life, these dogs are sensitive, playful and very affectionate. In fact, he always wants to play, both inside and outside the home, which implies a good dose of patience, but also firm and rigorous training , to avoid excessive behavioral exuberance.

In any case, since they are puppies, they are easily trained and rarely get into trouble. When the puppy does something wrong, it would be a good idea to scold him in an authoritarian, but not violent way, and go away for a few moments, leaving him time to reflect on what happened.

In any case, it is better to avoid excessive rigor and punishments: the cooperative and obedient character that characterizes this breed must be enhanced with techniques of positive reinforcement, rewards and rewards.

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