Clean the Hamster’s eyes: step by step

A pet is a daily responsibility. There are pets that require much more attention than others, but all, daily, must go through our review. In the case of hamsters, many owners overlook looking closely at their eyes every day, as they can secrete many blemishes. Learn to clean your hamster’s eyes step by step with these tips!

Why do you have to clean the hamster’s eyes

Your eyes are one of the parts of your body that can be affected the most on a day-to-day basis. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • The very liquid they secrete to moisten their eyes while they sleep can dry around the eyelids and create a crust that prevents you from opening them.
  • foreign body can get into them.
  • Wounds or trauma .
  • The conjunctivitis also cause damage to your eyes: redness, pus – like liquid discharge, swelling …
  • Other times they are small particles  that are introduced into them from the environment itself or from the soil substrate of their cage. That can give you little blemishes.

The first thing you should do if you notice something strange in his eyes is to make sure it is not a wound or a foreign body. If so, it is best to go immediately to the veterinary clinic to see your pet.

If the cause is another, it is just a little dry dirt or small pasty legacies, you can try to remove them with great care.

Take note of these tips!

How to clean the hamster’s eyes

1. Hold the hamster carefully. Grab him firmly, but lovingly and without hurting him. Hamsters are small animals that must be treated with delicacy. Therefore, you should take advantage of a time when the animal is calm and attract it to you.

Remember that hamsters can suffer stress and you must know how to recognize their symptoms so as not to try to grab them when they are anxious.

When you have him in your hands, pet him and speak calmly until he is completely calm and comfortable.

2. Use the right material. To clean the hamster’s eyes you only need sterile gauze and physiological saline or warm water . Be very careful with the temperature! If it’s too hot, you can burn it.

3. Don’t get the gauze too wet. Then pass it around the edge of the eye where the scab or scab is, always in the same direction. If the crust is very sticky, the humidity will gradually soften it, so do n’t try to pull it off all at once.

4. Once the dirt is removed, use another clean gauze to pat the area dry.

5. Repeat the same with the other eye.

6. Another homemade option to clean the hamster’s eyes is to make a chamomile infusion. When it cools down, use an ear stick to moisten it in it and remove the scabs from the eyes with it. Then, dry the eyes with a sterile gauze.

The logical thing would be that if the hamster had its eye closed by the scab , it would open it easily after cleaning it. If it doesn’t, try to open it very carefully. If he gets fussy or squeaks, better put him down and go to the vet – there may be damage to the eye socket.

Sometimes hamster eye problems are much more than just a trick. If you feel that you cannot remove them because they are very dry or that, no matter how much you clean their eyes, the animal does not improve, go immediately to a professional.