Christmas: how do I prevent my cat from destroying gift wrap?

Every year, it’s the same thing: you spend hours carefully wrapping your Christmas presents and arranging them nicely at the foot of the tree. But all your efforts are always reduced to nothing by… your cat! This little rascal has a nasty habit of scratching their teeth on gifts or, more precisely, on gift wrap. As a result, everything has to start over. But rest assured, there are tricks to prevent it from raging again!

Good to know: gift wrapping, but also the ribbons and strings that adorn them or any other decorative element (garlands, etc.) are dangerous for your cat. Indeed, if they were to ingest them, the consequences on their health could be very serious, even fatal. The reason? The ink on gift wrap is often toxic, not to mention the risk of intestinal obstruction.

1. Arrange gifts at the last minute

If you want your gifts to be spared from the savagery of your tomcat and to remain intact until they are opened, keep them hidden in the back of a closed cupboard inaccessible to your cat. And this until Christmas Day.

When the time comes, place them at the foot of the tree and stay in the room until they have produced their small effect on your loved ones. This will allow you to keep them under surveillance. Otherwise, you can also lock your feline in a separate room while your family members discover the gifts you have prepared for them.

2. Use strong (and eco-friendly) wrapping paper

In order to prevent your cat from having a malicious pleasure in unwrapping your presents in preview, one solution consists in replacing your traditional gift papers with glass boxes (for small objects) or fabric (old clothes can quite do the trick). Note that among the Japanese, wrapping gifts with squares of fabric is even considered an art called furoshiki.

Not only will your furry terror not be able to do any damage to your gifts, but you will also be doing something for the planet. Indeed, each year, Christmas generates a huge amount of waste. The fault is with gift wrap, of course, but also with the multiple packaging sold with toys, electronic objects or even boxes of chocolates.

The fact of using reusable AND recyclable gift packaging is therefore an eco-friendly gesture that flows naturally. Especially since, soon, the zero waste lifestyle will be the norm in most countries of the world…

3. Opt for repellents

If none of the above solutions work, you can always try to deter your cat from going near Christmas gifts by spraying them with repellent. However, be careful, it is essential to always use a natural repellent that is safe for your hairball.

To do this, several options are available to you: peppermustard diluted in a little water, white vinegar or even citrus zest. And to delimit a protected area containing, in its center, your Christmas gifts, do not hesitate to use aluminum foil or coffee grounds. Indeed, cats hate walking on these two materials!

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