Choose a diet adapted to the age of your cat

Age is an essential factor to take into account when choosing food for your cat. Indeed, each type of food is composed differently in order to meet the needs of the cat at each stage of its life. By choosing to offer your pet a healthy and adapted diet, you offer them the chance to live longer and in better health.

Kitten food

From one month of life, a kitten can start feeding with something other than milk. It will then be around three months that it will be completely weaned. The kitten’s diet is not only richer in energy, but also in minerals and vitamins than that of an adult cat, for the simple and good reason that it is growing. The ideal is to make them taste the mash, but also the croquettes. Indeed, if your kitten gets used to everything, it will be less difficult to modify its diet if necessary later. To do this, choose a quality diet dedicated to kittens.

Food for adult cats

Once your tomcat has become an adult, that is to say from one year old, their diet will be able to evolve. The choice you make in terms of mash or cat food will be essential. To help you choose a quality diet, several points should be checked: the first is that the meat must appear first in the list of ingredients. Then, check that the presence of “animal by-products” and “vegetable by-products” is not too high. Finally, avoid food that contains sugar, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers.

Senior cat food

Just like humans, not all cats age the same way. Even if your cat doesn’t show any real signs of aging, consider them senior at age 10. For the senior cat, always favor quality food. Wet food is generally more popular with older cats because it smells better and is easier to eat. However, if your animal does not suffer from a dental problem, you can choose kibble.

Finally, do not forget that beyond the question of age, other notions must be taken into account so that your animal benefits from the best nutrients. A pregnant female will not be fed in the same way as a neutered male cat for example.

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