Chausie Cat care: from grooming to bathing

The care of the Chausie cat is everything related to the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

In this article today we will understand how to take care of the Chausie cat, a truly spectacular and unique breed.

A mix of domestic and wild cat that needs a lot of care. Let’s see what the care of the Chausie cat consists of with regards to the grooming and well-being of this cat breed.

Hair care for the Chausie cat

The Chausie is a short-haired hybrid cat, the characteristics of the coat are a combination of traits typical of cats such as the Abyssinian, Somali, Oriental and others.

The Chausie is a muscular, but athletic and above all very agile large breed cat that can weigh around 25 kg for a male specimen.

This breed for being a cat is very particular for two reasons. The first concerns its size which is not exactly that typical of a cat but is much larger and the other reason always has to do with its body and concerns its agility.

The Chausie requires a lot of attention as it has a body capable of making huge jumps that allow it to escape. For this reason it needs a lot of attention from its owner. The same attention that must be paid to the care of his body.

The Chausie, as previously mentioned, has a coat covered with short hair that has the same length all over the body and is quite dense compared to that of common short-haired cats, moreover it is also thick.

The only colors currently authorized are mottled brown tabby, pure black and silver-tipped.

A coat as described above, should be combed once, taking advantage as always to take a look at the state of the skin and the possible presence of debris or insects and parasites .

Very influential is the diet that for the Chausie should not be underestimated, as some specimens are intolerant to gluten.

This intolerance causes problems with digestion, especially with industrial food such as kibble. Furthermore, a healthy diet of the Chausie cat helps to maintain a healthy appearance of the coat.

What is the ideal brush for this procedure?

If you have decided to adopt a Chausie, you should find out which accessories will be useful for you to take care of its coat. Let’s find out which ones.

Considering that it is a short-haired cat you will need a few brushes but suitable for its coat, such as:

  • Brush: The brush is made of separate, long, stiff bristles with the tip protected by pellets. Its function is to brush the animal thoroughly but being careful not to cause any damage to the cat’s skin;
  • Soft bristle brush : Made with long, soft and dense bristles. Eliminate dust and anything else stuck to the cat’s fur;

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Chausie

The Chausie, like all cats, is yet another feline obsessed with its body hygiene. Like the others, this cat also spends hours licking its body.

Unfortunately, however, just like any other cat, the Chausie also leaves out some areas of the body, since despite its size and its gifted tongue, it is unable in any way to get there.

This is where his master has to step in. It will therefore be the task of his human friend to take care of the ears, oral hygiene and nails of the Chausie cat.

Fortunately, in specialized shops it is possible to get everything you need for the care of the Chausie cat, namely: sanitizing creams for the teeth, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner for cats and accessories for cutting the cat’s nails.

Certainly bathing is also appropriate for the Chausiefor the benefits it can bring to the animal such as flea control, reduction of hair shedding.

However, in the case of the Chausie cat, there is no need to exaggerate, just do it once even every 6 weeks. Alternatively, if it gets dirty, you can clean it with dry products or a damp cloth.

A valid alternative that allows not to damage the cat’s skin, causing wounds and possible diseases.

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