Chartreux Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Chartreux cat: let’s find out more about the characteristics of this cat, affectionate but independent.

If you choose to get a Chartreux cat because you are looking for a fluff to cuddle, you may be disappointed. Despite the fame of its soft coat and its willingness to caress, the Carthusian cat is basically a solitary animal, which tends to regulate times and spaces to devote to its master.

Chartreux Cat : story

The Carthusian cat has a curious name whose origins, even today, are not very clear. According to some, it could come from the Carthusian monks, who used to raise them to protect their food supplies.

Others believe that the name is associated with Carthusian wool, of which the cat’s coat seems to recall many characteristics, so much so that traders often exchanged them.

The Carthusian Cat presumably arrived in France in 1100, through the work of the Knights Templar. It is  originally from Turkey and Iran . It became the favorite cat of General Charles de Gaulle and the French writer Colette and soon its spread made it the national symbol of France. However, for a time it was bred solely for its meat and the refinement of its coat and not as a pet.

Chartreux Cat : characteristics and appearance

The Carthusian cat has a very soft and gray fur , in contrast with the copper color of the eyes. All shades of gray are allowed, as long as there are no spots and streaks. The legs are short and with a typical rounded shape. The tail is long and hairy.

The muzzle resembles a smile, which makes this animal very funny and nice. It is muscular and medium to large in size and weighs approximately 4 to 8 kg. It has an average life of 14 years.

Chartreux Cat : character

The Carthusian cat loves cuddles and actively seeks physical closeness and contact with the owner. However, as already mentioned, it does not like to receive them when it is not well disposed. If frightened it does not scratch, but rather has a tendency to hide in the corners of the house.

Some call it “cat-dog ” because of the special bond it establishes with human beings. It seems that in reality in this breed it is the male who is more cuddly, while the female always tries to stay on the sidelines.

Very calm and peaceful, it manages to adapt to apartment life, but when left out in the open, it moves like a skilled hunter looking for mice. It is recommended for families with children or the elderly, due to its docile temperament. It has no problem living with other cats or dogs as well.

Carthusian Cat : feeding and care

This breed is very fond of eating and never backs down, so to avoid having an overweight cat it is good to dose the quantities of food. For the diet you have to alternate and vary, ranging from wet to dry food.

The Chartreux cat must be brushed only once a week, as it does not require special care. Nails, eyes and ears should be cleaned and checked periodically. It is generally a breed that enjoys excellent health.

Carthusian Cat : price

When buying a kitten, you often run the risk of confusing the Chartreux breed with the Russian blue, of which it remembers many characteristics. The price of the Carthusian cat is quite high, starting from $900 to finish, with pure pedigree cats, at $1600 USD.

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