Changes in the cat’s nose that we need to keep an eye on

Our cat’s nose can tell us a lot about the state of its health: we learn what changes must alarm us.

The cat’s nose is a really vital organ for this animal: felines orient themselves thanks to the sense of smell, and if this sense is somehow weaker, they may feel disoriented. But even when they eat, cats sniff food first to make sure it doesn’t hurt them. If we notice changes in the appearance of our cat’s nose, it is important to take them to the vet: it may have even serious health problems.

If your nose is dry or wet

A common belief is that a cat that has a warm, dry nose necessarily has a fever. This widespread idea, however, is false, despite the fact that many owners of cats know it.

In fact, changes in ambient temperature, rubbing the nose against something, or even just cleaning up can make the cat’s nose dry, wet, cold or hot.

And of course, there is no link with fever: indeed, it is not a sign of any problem.

But if we notice that changes of this type are common in our cat’s nose, and for no apparent reason, there may be something.

If associated with symptoms such as intestinal disorders, increased thirst, apathy and weight loss, we should take the cat to visit our trusted veterinarian.

If you have rhinorrhea or runny nose

If our cat’s nose is too wet, it usually means that its health is not perfect.

A healthy cat should not have a runny nose. It could be a common symptom of an upper respiratory infection.

It could also be caused by extreme cold or heat. If it is something that is repeated over and over again, the animal may get sick.

If the nose is runny, let’s make sure that the mucus is transparent and clear; if it is yellowish, dense and dark, it is better to take the cat to the veterinarian to examine the possible causes.

If there are wounds on the nose

A wound that appears on the nose or muzzle of our cat, will be in most part caused by something external.

Maybe a scratch caused by a fight with another cat, or for slipping in where it shouldn’t. We treat wounds with hydrogen peroxide to avoid infection.

This type of wound is very common, especially if the cat also lives outdoors. If we do not have the habit of regularly checking the cat’s skin, we may not notice it.

Small bite wounds do not leave large traces on the skin, but may develop infections and abscesses. Better to intervene immediately.

If, on the other hand, a large wound or trauma appears on our cat’s nose, of which we do not know the origin, it is better to visit our veterinarian.

If the nose changes color

The color of the nose of cats can vary depending on the breed, with a color ranging from pink to black. But it can also change color suddenly.

If the cat’s nose is usually clear, it could happen even more easily. But when should you worry?

In fact, if the nose has a stain of a more intense color than usual, it is a sign of good health, and is simply caused by a change in blood pressure.

It is in fact an absolutely normal event. The mucous membranes of cats, in fact, may contain peripheral vessels in which the blood level increases.

This can happen due to agitation, usually. And that is why our cat’s truffle can become a darker color than usual.

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