Chalazion in Cats: causes, symptoms, treatment

Chalazion in cats, an eye disease in animals that can be very dangerous. Let’s see how it manifests itself, what the symptoms are and how to cure it.

The cat is often affected by eye diseases during its life. Some frequent disturbances can affect his vision, which is essential for its survival, especially outside the home environment. Among the most common eye diseases, there is the chalazion in the cat , let’s see what it is and how it is best to act to help the animal.

Chalazion in cats: the causes to watch out for

It is one of the most frequent eye diseases in the feline. The hairy person’s eyes can suffer a lot from the presence of this disorder and inevitably its routine and many aspects of its independent life are affected. Let’s read more about what it is here in the article.

Our cat’s eyes are often prone to infections or annoying diseases. This predisposition is a big problem for the feline who, with its sight , manages to survive in the most difficult realities, immediately realizing the danger.

Thanks to its incredible eyes, capable of focusing on everything even from meters away, the cat can carefully observe, even at night, the reality in which it moves.

Therefore, it is good to know the possible diseases that can suddenly affect the cat’s eyes. Among the most common, there is also the chalazion in the cat. We are talking about the inflammation of a gland that is present in the eye.

The causes that cause inflammation such as chalazion, are almost always external agents, such as strong wind and drafts, and also the presence of foreign bodies in the eyes, such as dirt, litter sand and even insects.

The feline and the eye disorder: the symptoms and what to do to treat

Your feline can be affected by chalazion, which is quite common in the animal and complicates its daily life. With it, some symptoms appear that it is essential to identify in order to intervene with the proper care. Let’s see better here.

When your cat exhibits some annoying symptoms such as excessive tearing in the cat , also known as Epiphora, and severe redness of the eyelids, it is important to immediately contact your trusted veterinarian for a consultation.

The best cure for this annoying condition in the feline is the use of an antibiotic ointment, which must be related to the injection of antibiotics intramuscularly.

In the event that these treatments are not enough to improve the situation of the dog, it will be necessary to resort to surgery for the cat.

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