Cats as a gift

Cats as a gift: two are better than one, because they keep each other company and encourage each other, they educate each other and compete in virtuosity. But in order not to scare those who shyly approach the first experience with a cat, it is obviously okay to start with one. It is nice to take it in a cattery and give a generous, soft and tender thought to those we love.

It is essential before making the first move, to understand if the person we are thinking of becoming a future cat lady, or almost, is really willing. Arranged, and arranged, which are two different, very different things. If to be willing, a will of mind, an intention, an openness to the idea of ​​cats as a gift is enough. Just say: “why not, cats as a gift?”, To be prepared, it takes much more.

Patience, a lot, as with all pets, however. And then it takes intuition and stubbornness, because the cats as a gift are not less headstrong than those we pay, on the contrary, like any purebred cat, they will feel entitled to boss if we do not clarify that we too, or the person to whom we will give the cat, we are headstrong as he is.

Here are some questions that must be asked about the person to whom we want to present ourselves with cats as a gift. Whether it’s Christmas or other holidays, ruled or not.

The litter issue is among the most important because it is known that people do not like having to deal with the feces of an animal, even if it is our animal. But the cat uses the litter box, and hopefully they use it loyally, too. What is certain is that a top hygienist who is a bit fussy is not optimal for cleaning the litter box.

It is true that the cats as a gift will fend for themselves once the litter has been changed every now and then, but it is still necessary to take a look and a fix every now and then. Because the needs are always buried with grainy, and that the whole is not too full or that the cat has not thrown all the sand out.

Another important issue is sleep. Sometimes cats will not intend to sleep because exactly like us they can suffer from insomnia: therefore it is necessary to put against it that there will be a wandering soul around the house. But discreet and silent. And then there is the food to manage, and here, the cats will make do with the excellent canned food, of which there is a wide choice, but it is still a task that once or twice a day you have to keep up with, whether we bought the cat or received it as a gift.

A warning also for those who are the supplier of cats as a gift: they cannot place them in the hands of the lucky one without anything. It is good that he accompanies his meowing idea with the basic equipment. Litter and litter, some supplies of puppy food, a mass of cleaning wipes and various detergents.

A few games and a lot of patience. All this is no small feat, but let’s remember that to make your cat happy, you need to provide him with tenderness, cuddles and companionship. A presence they won’t be able to do without.

Cats as a gift

We have no doubts: the cats as a gift will be able to ruin the furniture and meow at night, be stubborn in not wanting closed doors on the street and they will also be able to absent-mindedly carry around the house keys for fun or hide a feathered earring that they believe to be prey. But bought or gifted cats are a blessing, but as with any blessing, you have to be sure that those who receive them think so.

Dogs as a gift in Milan

In the city of Milan for cats as a gift there is Parco Rifugio Canile / Gattile del Comune in the Forlanini area. It has existed since 2008 and is a large structure, equipped with comfortable boxes and large areas in which to let its guests run and have fun. It can be found on the Municipality website. In the Milan area there are other realities to which you can turn to find cats as a gift, and catteries managed by associations or private catteries with agreement.

Also in the city there are, for example, realities such as Mondogatto, the AMICA Association and the ENPA itself, or the famous ARCA (Association of Stray Animals and Abandoned Animals) while in the hinterland in Cusano Milanino there is Gattolandia, in Garbagnate Amico Animali, Animal Dimension in Rho and Casa Russo in Vignate.

Cats as a gift in Rome

Here are two oases that in the capital can give us the opportunity to find cats as a gift. The Porta Portese Feline Oasis in ARCA and the Villa Flora Feline Oasis. Then there is the Muratella Municipal Kennel, in via della Magliana, 856 or the Wildlife Recovery Center at the Bioparco of Rome.

Cats as a gift in Turin

The new Municipal Shelter Shelter of Turin along the Provincial road of Courgnè 139 is the place to go to home with some cats as a gift to give to those we know. In various well-appointed rooms there are cats of all colors and ages and with the most disparate characters. There are also restless puppies who push to find a home more than anyone else. If you are convinced, bring the pet carrier.

Cats as a gift in Florence

In 4 enclosures collects and offers its cats. In Florence this is a cattery that has been active since before the 2000s and since June 2007 it has managed the Feline Colonies Protection Service in the Municipalities of Florence and Scandicci and since 2013 also that of Campi Bisenzio. The AMA association deals with the protection and safeguarding of animals and also organizes canning and crunchy collection counters in front of supermarkets.

Cats as a gift to Genoa

The gattile di Genova Quarto was born in 1993 from the initiative of a group of cat lovers who find themselves in the association Amico Gatto Onlus Genova. In the structure there are several needy cats, left without owners and awaiting adoption. In various enclosures we can find a wide choice on a plot of about 1200 square meters.

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