Caring for rabbit in hot weather

We must pay close attention to the care of our rabbit in times of high heat. Rabbits are one of the domestic species most susceptible to heat, in fact they tolerate more than 27ºC very badly and above 30ºC they can suffer a heat stroke. This is because the rabbit’s fur is not prepared to withstand high … Read more

How to train a rabbit?

Can you train a rabbit? Rabbits are very clever animals that can learn any trick you teach them. You just need time, patience and a good method for your bunny to learn everything you teach them. How to train a rabbit? It is easier to train a rabbit if you understand that its behaviour is often motivated by … Read more

How many years does a rabbit live?

Have you ever wondered: How many years does a rabbit live? How can I improve the life expectancy of a domestic rabbit? These peculiar and charming animals are one of the domestic species preferred by people. Although they seem to be very independent animals, the truth is that they are shy and sensitive to human closeness. Through this reading we … Read more

Rabbits, their care and needs

To have a rabbit as a pet, you have to understand a series of questions about rabbits in freedom, in this way we will have the necessary knowledge to take better care of them and cover all their needs. In this post we will tell you the basic aspects that you should know so that you … Read more

My rabbit does not eat: what to do?

“My rabbit does not eat, what do I do?” This is one of the most common queries from the owners of these endearing pets. The causes can be diverse. Therefore, it is important that you know your pet’s eating habits very well to know when the lack of appetite could become a serious problem for which to go to the vet immediately. My … Read more

Pet Therapy with Rabbits

Pet therapy with rabbits is a type of animal assisted therapy (AAT) where the protagonist species is, in fact, the rabbit.  For centuries, animals have been trained and used to improve the mood of human beings. This use ranges from the simple company of animals to the direct physical support that some species offer during rehabilitation … Read more

How to walk a rabbit on a leash

Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common, taking our little one for a walk can be a most entertaining task, take note of how to do it. Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common . If we live in a flat or have space to be able … Read more

Food that are harmful or toxic to Rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets. Their lovable character and easy care make them great to welcome as a member of the family. However, it is important to pay special attention to your diet, which must be balanced and healthy. The feed is their main source of food, which we must supplement with vegetables, grass and … Read more

How much water do rabbits drink?

Rabbits are great to have as a pet. They have a friendly and good-natured character, and their care is relatively simple. One of the most common issues has to do with the amount of water rabbits drink per day . In the same way as in other animals, hydration for them is essential. There is a very curious fact about … Read more