Relationship between rabbits and cats

How is the relationship between rabbits and cats? The coexistence between these two pets may seem very difficult if not impossible, but nothing is further from reality, since the rabbit and the cat can become great friends, provided that the first steps in coexistence are done correctly. Rabbits and Cats and together: is it possible? The … Read more

Are rabbits rodents?

Rabbits are not rodents, they are lagomorphs, did you know? In this post we will explain the differences between them. Are rabbits rodents? No, rabbits are lagomorphs Rabbits have long been misclassified as rodents. The confusion is mainly due to the fact that both species gnaw, and they do so because both have the characteristic that their teeth … Read more

Myths about rabbits

How many times have you heard that this is true or is this a lie on issues related to rabbits? In this post from Petlifey we will reveal to you the myths that exist about rabbits. Rabbits have to eat carrot Rabbits love carrots as much as we love chocolate. But this does not mean that it is the … Read more

Can rabbits eat banana?

You know that your rabbit’s diet should not only be based on green foods. Despite this, not all plant-based foods are recommended for them. Do you want to know if  rabbits can eat banana ?. In this Petlifey Post we will talk about it. Can rabbits eat banana? From my point of view the answer is NO. Banana is a food that contains … Read more

My rabbit does not eat hay, what do I do?

If you have a rabbit, you should know that hay is the main food in its diet . But what if, suddenly, you realize that your rabbit does not eat hay? Should you worry? In this Petlifey Post we will try to answer these questions. Causes why a rabbit does not eat hay There are certain diseases that can cause decreased appetite and … Read more

The first days of a new rabbit at home

Have you decided to have a rabbit in your life? The first days of a rabbit at home are very important. Now you have a new member in the family and that is why at we want to help you find an ideal place for your new furry. Have you fallen in love with a rabbit and couldn’t resist … Read more

Hairballs in your rabbit’s stomach – what to do

Do you know that hairballs in your rabbit’s stomach are considered one of the most serious ailments, and can endanger the life of your pet?. Like cats, rabbits lick their hair to groom their coat. A simple and usual ball of fur can end the life of your bunny. Very recently we noticed that Tambor was strange, listless, it did not eat … Read more

Teach your rabbit where to relieve himself

Teaching your rabbit where to relieve himself is easier than you think. Domestic rabbits are especially cute animals, but they are also very intelligent, capable of learning basic hygiene routine with ease. Small rabbits are easier to train, that does not mean that adults cannot learn, it will take more time but it is not impossible. When rabbits reach sexual maturity, … Read more

How to brush a rabbit’s fur

Rabbits, like cats, are animals that are responsible for caring for and keeping their fur clean, but unlike these, rabbits cannot expel ingested hair (since they cannot vomit). It is for this reason that brushing in rabbits is very important, since with it, the rabbit is prevented from ingesting excess hair, leading to health problems. Read on to … Read more

Necessary vaccines in rabbits

If you have a rabbit at home, it is essential that you worry about knowing what vaccines are necessary in rabbits, since, like any other pet, our little furry is susceptible to contracting diseases that can seriously affect its health. In this post we tell you what vaccines you should give your rabbit and when to do it . … Read more