The first days of a new rabbit at home

Have you decided to have a rabbit in your life? The first days of a rabbit at home are very important. Now you have a new member in the family and that is why at we want to help you find an ideal place for your new furry. Have you fallen in love with a rabbit and couldn’t resist … Read more

Teach your rabbit where to relieve himself

Teaching your rabbit where to relieve himself is easier than you think. Domestic rabbits are especially cute animals, but they are also very intelligent, capable of learning basic hygiene routine with ease. Small rabbits are easier to train, that does not mean that adults cannot learn, it will take more time but it is not impossible. When rabbits reach sexual maturity, … Read more

Homemade toys for rabbits

In this article we explain how to make simple homemade toys for rabbits, made with recycled materials and with which your rabbit will have a great time. Homemade toy ideas for rabbits If we feel like it and we like “crafts” we can make all kinds of homemade toys for rabbits, taking advantage of all kinds of … Read more

How to train a rabbit?

Can you train a rabbit? Rabbits are very clever animals that can learn any trick you teach them. You just need time, patience and a good method for your bunny to learn everything you teach them. How to train a rabbit? It is easier to train a rabbit if you understand that its behaviour is often motivated by … Read more

How to walk a rabbit on a leash

Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common, taking our little one for a walk can be a most entertaining task, take note of how to do it. Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common . If we live in a flat or have space to be able … Read more