Intestinal obstruction (ileus) in rabbits: causes and treatments

Rabbits are complex little creatures – there is a lot more to know than you can imagine. Like any animal, rabbits also have their frailties, and in this article we will examine one in particular, the ileum. This problem can afflict any rabbit, sending the efficient digestive system that distinguishes them into crisis. Rabbit digestive system: how … Read more

Can rabbits eat watermelon?

As we know there are many foods that our rabbits cannot eat. Do you know if rabbits can eat watermelon? In this post of Petlifey we will talk about the pros and cons of this fruit in feeding our little big eared. Can rabbits eat watermelon? Yes, rabbits can eat watermelon, but it is not the food they need … Read more

Can rabbits eat bread?

Rabbits are one of the most common pets in homes. However, do we know what a rabbit can and cannot eat? For example, can rabbits eat bread?  In many cases, foods that are beneficial to some species turn out to be toxic to others. In fact, there are many forbidden foods for your rabbits. Pan is one of them. Can rabbits … Read more

Can rabbits eat carrots?

If we ask anyone to tell us what rabbits eat, a very high percentage of them will answer, without thinking twice, what carrot. But can rabbits eat carrots? The answer is yes, but in good measure. It is a very sweet food, which can cause various damages to their body. Can rabbits eat carrot? The whole carrot is not recommended due … Read more

What fruits and vegetables can a rabbit eat?

Do you know what fruits and vegetables a rabbit can eat?. Rabbits are herbivorous animals so it will be essential to keep fruits and vegetables in their diet. It is essential to know in depth all the options that we can offer you, thus enriching your rabbit’s diet and discovering which foods he likes the most. What fruits and … Read more

What do dwarf rabbits eat? Feeding a rabbit

Have you ever wondered what to eat dwarf rabbits? This is a very frequently asked question. And it is that a good diet is essential for your little rabbit to have a long and healthy life. I anticipate that they do not eat carrots as we have been led to believe in the movies. Feeding a dwarf rabbit correctly is not an … Read more

Hairballs in your rabbit’s stomach – what to do

Do you know that hairballs in your rabbit’s stomach are considered one of the most serious ailments, and can endanger the life of your pet?. Like cats, rabbits lick their hair to groom their coat. A simple and usual ball of fur can end the life of your bunny. Very recently we noticed that Tambor was strange, listless, it did not eat … Read more

Detect and eliminate fleas on rabbits

In this article we are going to talk about a nasty parasite. Specifically, fleas. We will also teach you how you can detect and eliminate fleas in rabbits. Detecting fleas on rabbits Rabbits, like any pet, require great responsibility and care from the owners. You have to be attentive to how they act to be able to detect abnormal behaviours that may be due to diseases … Read more

Care after sterilizing a dwarf rabbit

In this post we will talk about the care after sterilizing a dwarf rabbit. I will also leave you some guidelines on Pre – Operative care that I consider of vital importance. Spaying rabbits is recommended to prevent them from becoming aggressive and overly stressed with the need for breeding. In the case of female rabbits, it also helps to avoid diseases such as tumors … Read more

Sterilization in dwarf rabbits

Many of us who decide to share our lives with a rabbit are surprised when they begin to mark their territory. To avoid this situation, we want to talk about sterilization in dwarf rabbits. Sterilization in male rabbits When a male rabbit reaches sexual maturity, it begins to manifest dominance and marking. This translates into being aggressive (riding homeowners’ legs, biting, hitting the ground repeatedly with … Read more