Can rabbits eat banana?

You know that your rabbit’s diet should not only be based on green foods. Despite this, not all plant-based foods are recommended for them. Do you want to know if  rabbits can eat banana ?. In this Petlifey Post we will talk about it. Can rabbits eat banana? From my point of view the answer is NO. Banana is a food that contains … Read more

Detect and eliminate fleas on rabbits

In this article we are going to talk about a nasty parasite. Specifically, fleas. We will also teach you how you can detect and eliminate fleas in rabbits. Detecting fleas on rabbits Rabbits, like any pet, require great responsibility and care from the owners. You have to be attentive to how they act to be able to detect abnormal behaviours that may be due to diseases … Read more

How to brush a rabbit’s fur

Rabbits, like cats, are animals that are responsible for caring for and keeping their fur clean, but unlike these, rabbits cannot expel ingested hair (since they cannot vomit). It is for this reason that brushing in rabbits is very important, since with it, the rabbit is prevented from ingesting excess hair, leading to health problems. Read on to … Read more

Common diseases in rabbits and symptoms

Today we are going to tell you about the most common diseases in rabbits. Although rabbits are a small animal that responds very well to all kinds of care, it should not be ignored that it is exposed to some health problems that can put its life at risk. If you want to enjoy the maximum of years … Read more

Bathing a Rabbit: Tips and Warnings

Is it good to bathe a rabbit? This is a question that surely all of us who have a bunny in our life have asked ourselves. In this post we will warn you about the consequences that bathing a rabbit can have, as well as some alternatives to keep it clean. Bathing a rabbit is NOT advisable … Read more

Caring for your rabbit’s teeth

Did you know that rabbit teeth never stop growing? Unlike wild rabbits, it is common for domestic rabbits to have excessive growth of the incisors, molars or premolars due to lack of hay or forage intake. The teeth of these furry dogs grow continuously throughout their lives (approximately 1 centimeter per month), and if they are not worn they can … Read more