Can rabbits eat watermelon?

As we know there are many foods that our rabbits cannot eat. Do you know if rabbits can eat watermelon? In this post of Petlifey we will talk about the pros and cons of this fruit in feeding our little big eared. Can rabbits eat watermelon? Yes, rabbits can eat watermelon, but it is not the food they need … Read more

Can rabbits eat bread?

Rabbits are one of the most common pets in homes. However, do we know what a rabbit can and cannot eat? For example, can rabbits eat bread?  In many cases, foods that are beneficial to some species turn out to be toxic to others. In fact, there are many forbidden foods for your rabbits. Pan is one of them. Can rabbits … Read more

Can rabbits eat carrots?

If we ask anyone to tell us what rabbits eat, a very high percentage of them will answer, without thinking twice, what carrot. But can rabbits eat carrots? The answer is yes, but in good measure. It is a very sweet food, which can cause various damages to their body. Can rabbits eat carrot? The whole carrot is not recommended due … Read more

What fruits and vegetables can a rabbit eat?

Do you know what fruits and vegetables a rabbit can eat?. Rabbits are herbivorous animals so it will be essential to keep fruits and vegetables in their diet. It is essential to know in depth all the options that we can offer you, thus enriching your rabbit’s diet and discovering which foods he likes the most. What fruits and … Read more

Can rabbits eat banana?

You know that your rabbit’s diet should not only be based on green foods. Despite this, not all plant-based foods are recommended for them. Do you want to know if  rabbits can eat banana ?. In this Petlifey Post we will talk about it. Can rabbits eat banana? From my point of view the answer is NO. Banana is a food that contains … Read more

My rabbit does not eat hay, what do I do?

If you have a rabbit, you should know that hay is the main food in its diet . But what if, suddenly, you realize that your rabbit does not eat hay? Should you worry? In this Petlifey Post we will try to answer these questions. Causes why a rabbit does not eat hay There are certain diseases that can cause decreased appetite and … Read more

What do dwarf rabbits eat? Feeding a rabbit

Have you ever wondered what to eat dwarf rabbits? This is a very frequently asked question. And it is that a good diet is essential for your little rabbit to have a long and healthy life. I anticipate that they do not eat carrots as we have been led to believe in the movies. Feeding a dwarf rabbit correctly is not an … Read more

Forbidden foods for rabbits

The feeding of the rabbit, regardless of its breed (type belier, butterfly or mini-lop among others) should be based on the consumption of hay, fruits and vegetables and feed . Not all fruits and vegetables are good for our furry, so in this post we will talk about the forbidden foods for rabbits. Forbidden foods for rabbits with carbohydrates Excess carbohydrates are very harmful … Read more

My rabbit does not eat: what to do?

“My rabbit does not eat, what do I do?” This is one of the most common queries from the owners of these endearing pets. The causes can be diverse. Therefore, it is important that you know your pet’s eating habits very well to know when the lack of appetite could become a serious problem for which to go to the vet immediately. My … Read more

4 tips to extend your rabbit’s life

Rabbits are small mammals that love to play, jump and run; in addition, they are very sweet pets that generally get along well with other pets; for this reason, one of the wishes of their masters is to ensure that they live as long as possible. The common rabbit, also known as the European rabbit, is a … Read more