Rabbit breeds and their main characteristics

There are different breeds of rabbits, each one with different characteristics that make each one special. In this post from Petlifey we explain the most popular types of rabbits that exist, their physical characteristics, behaviour, character, origin of each type of rabbit. What are rabbits? Rabbits are nocturnal and twilight animals, that is, they usually sleep in the … Read more

Belier rabbit-appearance, character, care

Small, affectionate and intelligent… The belier rabbit is also characterized by its drooping ears and its beauty.  One of the main virtues of the belier rabbit is its tranquillity. It is a very affectionate and friendly animal, which is why it is increasingly chosen as a pet.  He loves being around people who pamper them; it is meek, tender … Read more

The Hotot Rabbit-appearance, character, care

The Hotot white rabbit or Hotot rabbit is a cute little rabbit that is characterized by having a white fur. It has black markings that color the area around its large and expressive eyes. But the Hotot rabbit not only stands out for its appearance, because its character is also very good. It is a kind, affectionate and very … Read more

The Hairless Rabbit-appearance, character, care

When we think of a bunny, that little furry animal with long ears and a pretty face always comes to mind. However, there is a breed of hairless rabbit that will attract a lot of attention. It is a species known by its English name, hairless rabbit. If you are curious to know the origin and characteristics of … Read more

Butterfly Rabbit or English Spot Rabbit-appearance, character, care

Known as the butterfly rabbit, English spotted or English spot, the butterfly rabbit is a breed of rabbit that is characterized by its beautiful spotted fur. The special thing about its spots is that they are distributed in a very particular way, giving this rabbit a unique appearance. Origin of the butterfly rabbit The butterfly rabbit … Read more

Rex Rabbit – appearance, character, care

The Rex rabbit is considered one of the best rabbit breeds to be adopted as a pet, due to its great intelligence, affectionate and sociable character. They are perfect for living with children.They are not a breed of rabbits that need special care, at least not very different from what we should provide to any other domestic rabbit. … Read more

Dutch Rabbit-appearance, character, care

The Dutch rabbit, also known as the Dutch rabbit, Hollander or Brabander, is a pet with an adorable appearance and small size. Do you know that Dutch rabbits have a misleading name? No, they come from the Netherlands. If you want to know this and other very curious and interesting facts about  the Dutch rabbit, keep reading this post … Read more

Jersey Wooly Breed Rabbit-appearance, character, care

The jersey wooly rabbit is a small ball of fur. This type of rabbit is gentle, docile and affectionate in nature.  Do you want to know its history and its care? , keep reading. History and origin of the Jersey Wooly rabbit The  wooly jersey rabbit  was first introduced to the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1984 by … Read more

California rabbit-appearance, character, care

If you are contemplating the possibility of adopting a lagomorph as a pet, you need to know more about the Californian rabbit, a  breed of American origin that stands out for its soft coat and its very affectionate temperament with its relatives. How much do they weigh? What do they eat? What is your average size? What are their characteristics? This is the … Read more

Harlequin Rabbit-appearance, character, care

In Petlifey you will find an infinity of articles that will help you discover new species and breeds of rabbits. On this occasion, we will talk about a very special bunny, the harlequin rabbit. The harlequin rabbit owes its name to a very particular characteristic, do you know which one? Physical characteristics of the Harlequin rabbit The harlequin … Read more