Why does my rabbit bite me?

Rabbit bites are not common. since they are animals with few aggressiveness problems. Healthy and happy rabbits are not usually aggressive. Sometimes, however, even if your rabbit is well cared for, it may lunge or take a good bite. To understand this behaviour and the reasons why your rabbit bites you, you first have to understand the nature of rabbits. … Read more

Flanders Giant Rabbit-appearance, character, care

The Giant Flanders rabbit is a very special breed of rabbits. Apart from its exceptional size, as it is one of the largest breeds of rabbits, if not the largest, they have many other peculiarities. Did you know that some of these rabbits can grow to be larger than medium breed dogs? Before making the decision to buy … Read more

Different Sounds that rabbits make

Although it may seem that rabbits are silent animals or to call them “mute” in some way, they are not. In this post we will write about the different sounds that rabbits make and their meaning. Rabbit sounds and their meaning As we spend time with a rabbit we will see that rabbits can make more … Read more

How to earn my rabbit’s trust?

How to earn my rabbit’s trust ? As a pet we must first know them very well, know what its reactions are, its likes and the things it does not like so that it can become a faithful friend. Earn my rabbit’s trust Earning the trust of a rabbit is a bit more difficult than gaining that of a … Read more

Aggression in rabbits

Rabbits have been considered pets for very few years, which is why there may be a series of behaviours that we do not understand. Aggression in rabbits is one of them. Today we are going to talk to you about what the causes of this are and what you can do to help your rabbit. Causes of … Read more

My rabbit does not eat: what to do?

“My rabbit does not eat, what do I do?” This is one of the most common queries from the owners of these endearing pets. The causes can be diverse. Therefore, it is important that you know your pet’s eating habits very well to know when the lack of appetite could become a serious problem for which to go to the vet immediately. My … Read more

How to walk a rabbit on a leash

Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common, taking our little one for a walk can be a most entertaining task, take note of how to do it. Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common . If we live in a flat or have space to be able … Read more

The rabbit, a pet to get to know better

Increasingly popular in our homes as a pet, the rabbit is a small mammal. Loved for his docile and calm character, he prefers the company of at least one other specimen. The rabbit is an animal belonging to the Leporidae group and to the Lagomorph order, together with hare and pica. Contrary to what some people tend to mistakenly believe, it is not a rodent . However, it is an … Read more