Pyometra in female dogs and cats

There is an invisible danger that can affect our cats and dogs, and it is pyometra. This is a disease caused by the attack of a bacterium, and it has a peculiarity. That is to hit only the four-legged female. The infection has a greater chance of manifesting itself in the period following the season during which dogs and cats … Read more

How can Cannabis be useful for animals

How often do we overlook how important our pets are to us in everyday family life? Very often we find ourselves helpless in the face of the pain and loss of our faithful companion suffering from a serious illness. Euthanasia or the administration of stronger drugs with severe side effects are considered the only options. It is from pain that the scientific research of many veterinarians … Read more

How to protect pets from the cold

The frost wave expected on Italy with Burian’s assets, an icy wind from Siberia, can also put animals at risk. There is concern about bad weather with the frost storm arriving on the Italian peninsula. Animals will also be put to the test. For this reason, the section of Enpa Treviso has issued a vademecum to help … Read more

Homeopathy and flower therapy: a valuable aid in the care of our animals

Phytotherapy is a word that derives from the Greek and is the scientific part of medicine that uses plants and minerals. In addition to treating the car body, psychophysical well-being too. Phytotherapy also includes homeopathy and flower therapy. Homeopathy covers about 25% of human and animal drugs deriving from herbs and plant extracts. Other compounds, on the other hand, are obtained by chemically … Read more

Poisonous mushrooms beware of cats and dogs

Mushroom poisoning in pets is not very common but still a threat, according to some experts, even though it ranks near the top of the pet poisoning list every year. Mushrooms present a special problem for pet parents, because unless you are a mushroom expert, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between toxic and non-toxic varieties. … Read more

The mistakes with pets we don’t know we’re making

The vets went to school to learn how to care for animals. Here are the mistakes with pets that they wouldn’t make, but we probably do every day. Surely we all think we love and care for our pets, but unfortunately we don’t always have the skills to realize that something we do is one of … Read more

Air conditioning: pros and cons for dogs, cats and other pets

Does air conditioning put our pets at risk? Let’s find out all the pros and cons of the conditioner for dogs and cats. At this time of year, with higher and higher temperatures and unbearably muggy days, it is normal to keep the air conditioners on in the house for several hours a day and, often, even at … Read more

How Cats and Dogs Help You Sleep Better

Sharing a mattress with the furry friend helps to rest and feel less alone and happier Who do you share a bed with? It is not a survey from a fashion magazine, but the question concerns your dog or cat. If you sleep with your four-legged friend, know that you are not the only one: Three out … Read more

Dehydrated food for Dogs and Cats what is it?

Do you have a pet and do you usually feed it daily with commercial feed or cans of food? It is something we do daily, as a routine, perhaps without stopping to think if it is the most suitable for them. But there are alternative ways of feeding like dehydrated food for dogs and cats. Discover below … Read more

How Cats and Dogs Calm Children

Cats and dogs not only make children grow healthier and stronger. Scientists have also finally shown what animal lovers have long suspected: dogs and cats make little ones calmer, reduce the stress they suffer and make them emotionally stronger. And in this, the researchers say, the animals are even more effective than the parents themselves! Learn how cats and dogs calm … Read more