How to celebrate your dog’s birthday

Celebrating with the dog? What better time than their birthday to have fun with dog? Let’s find out all the ways to make them even happier. We can make the dog’s birthday unforgettable by organizing a beautiful party and making them have so much fun. A great gift for dear dog, who deserves the best. Let’s see, then, how to … Read more

Are acorns bad for dogs?

There are many dangers on the street for our furry friends. Let’s see together if the acorns are bad for the dog or not. In addition to the leaves, acorns, the fruit of the oaks, also fall in autumn. Acorns belong to the diet of various animals such as birds and small mammals such as squirrels. Even wild … Read more

Why not touch the dog’s ears?

There are many things that are said about our furry friends. Let’s see together why you shouldn’t touch the dog’s ears. When you share your life with a four-legged friend, especially if you are a puppy, you tend to know everything that could hurt or annoy your fur ball, to avoid doing it. One of the … Read more

Can People identify their dog just by smell

Recent scientific research has revealed that people can identify their dog just by smelling them. Although our four-legged friends have a much more developed sense of smell than ours, the olfactory abilities of the human species are not bad at all. Just think, in fact, that a study has shown that people are able to identify their dog through the smell they emanate: here’s … Read more

The harm of secondhand smoke for cats

Pets that breathe secondhand smoke from cigars and cigarettes can also have health problems. But not only; cats ingest harmful substances by licking the smoker’s clothes, hands and hair. Anyone who comes into contact with or indirectly inhales tobacco smoke is called a passive smoker and can suffer all the harm related to this exposure. Cats are not exempt from this definition: our beloved four-legged friends are at risk from the … Read more

How to take care of your cat in the fall

With the arrival of the new station and the simultaneous lowering of temperatures, some precautions are necessary to preserve the health of cat. Here’s what to do during the fall for cat health. At the end of the summer season and with the approach of autumn, even the cat can run into seasonal ailments or hair problems. To get them … Read more

Cat flatulence: causes, symptoms and treatment

Your cat gasses through his mouth or anus – he may have flatulence or stomach pain. These gastrointestinal gases cause bloating and there can be multiple reasons. Let’s find out the causes, symptoms, how to cure and even better how to prevent cat flatulence. If your cat occasionally has flatulence, then this isn’t a problem. On the other … Read more

How to get rid of dog pee from the sofa: useful tips

Has dog urinated on the sofa and you don’t know how to remove the stains? Let’s see together how to eliminate dog pee from the sofa. If puppies are not well behaved they can easily do things they shouldn’t do, such as peeing on the sofa. Who among you hasn’t found yourself at least once in your … Read more