What a newly arrived puppy needs: shopping advice

Have you just adopted a little ball of fur and don’t know what to buy? Let’s see what a newly arrived puppy needs. Adopting a puppy is a responsible choice and a fantastic experience. However, before welcoming a small ball of fur into the house, it is advisable to know what our four-legged friend needs. In the following … Read more

How to care for an orphaned puppy: here’s a simple guide on everything you need

One of the things that very often, unfortunately, happens is to run into an orphaned puppy. A puppy can be orphaned for several reasons; the mother with breast problems who cannot breastfeed, or the sudden death of the same during or after childbirth, a caesarean section that prevents the mother from taking care of the baby or even worse an abandonment. The puppies born at … Read more

The basic training for a puppy

Training base for a puppy should preferably be given during the first year of life . The sooner you start, the better: for him and for you … Don’t wait for him to acquire bad habits which, later on, will be practically impossible to correct. Dogs don’t learn like humans. They need their pack leader (you masters) to know how to behave inside … Read more

Oral hygiene for puppies: things to know

Taking care of your puppy’s dental health is very important . Implementing  good prevention and daily oral hygiene strategies ensures that dogs do not suffer from bad breath and guarantees them healthy and beautiful teeth . Not only that, oral hygiene is essential to preserve all the dental elements, thus reducing visits to the veterinarian. All about puppy teeth care A puppy, as you … Read more

Scabies in puppies: causes and symptoms

Scabies is a highly contagious disease that affects the skin of animals. There are several types of scabies and one of them is very common in puppies. Scabies includes all diseases caused by mites that feed on the skin. In general, this disease is highly contagious and causes severe itching. In this article, we talk about scabies in … Read more

Multivitamin supplements for puppies: what do you need to know?

What is the ideal source of vitamins for puppies? Buying good quality food is the best way to ensure your dog is getting all the vitamins he needs. Anyone who gets a puppy wants to do everything possible to make sure it has a long and healthy life. When they are this young, one wonders if they … Read more

Neonatal mortality in puppies: 4 causes

Neonatal mortality in puppies is a problem that is not given the importance it deserves, but with some advice it can be greatly reduced. The neonatal mortality in puppies is the phenomenon that 20-30% of dogs die before weaning time. These data lead us to ask what are the causes and how we can reduce this high percentage. … Read more

5 very important nutrients for puppies

Nutrients are chemical compounds essential for life; for this reason, during the growth period of a puppy, it is necessary to provide the animal with what it needs, based on its breed and its specific conditions. Nutrients are essential substances for keeping living things healthy and fit. In the case of puppies, the latter must be fed … Read more

How many puppies can dogs give birth?

Many people wonder how many puppies a dog could get. The size of a dog’s litter depends on various factors, including age and breed. In today’s article we will tell you everything there is to know about it. The size of the dog and the number of puppies One of the determining factors in knowing approximately how … Read more


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