Christmas gifts for dogs

Some inexpensive Christmas gifts for dogs include bandanas, floppy bowls, homemade cookies, and beds. Dogs and cats also suffer from the adjustment of the family budget and notice how we tighten our belts at home, even at Christmas. However, there are simple gifts that will make our furry friend happy. Here are five Christmas gifts for dogs, under … Read more

Tips for traveling with your dog this Christmas

Traveling with the dog this vacation will be easier if dizziness is avoided Are you traveling with your pet this Christmas? Nervousness and dizziness in dogs when traveling by car are common. These tricks will help the dog have a happy trip this Christmas. Positive experience. The dog should associate the car ride with a positive experience. So you have to … Read more

Dog books to give at Christmas

Readings that photograph human love for dogs, help to understand them and also make people laugh in a very doggy way Books that capture dog dignity in photographs, and also how humans love and relate to dogs. Readings on dogs that help you understand them , thanks to the work of the best scientists and canine experts … Read more

What gift to the dog at Christmas? 6 furry ideas

Balls with doggy smiles, homemade beds and luminous necklaces so as not to lose the dog are some gifts with which to surprise the animal this Christmas. Balls for dogs that bring out the best canine smile, homemade beds or elegant sofas that decorate the room and collars with light or GPS to make the … Read more