Why do dogs like poop? What is coprophagia in dogs?

Why do dogs like poop? It may happen to notice episodes of coprophagia in dog. But what are the reasons? Let’s find out, along with all the recommended remedies. Four-legged friends often perform very curious gestures in the eyes of a master. There are many behaviors that dog assumes, over time, and to which it is difficult to immediately … Read more

Common health issues of the English Mastiff

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Hearing loss in older dogs: causes, symptoms, therapy

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Diseases of the Karst Sheepdog

Diseases of the Karst Sheepdog: a proud and resistant breed, little prone to pathologies. Let’s see what the common ones. Even if it is not a very common breed in our country, it is still very much appreciated. In fact, there are many looking for breeding of these puppies that apparently look like teddy bears. Very often, you have to go to their homeland in order … Read more

Most common diseases of the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

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Dog nosebleeds: causes, diagnosis and treatments

Nosebleeds in dogs can be frightening, but keep calm: in this article we see the possible causes of the problem, diagnosis and treatment. Seeing the blood coming out of our dog’s nose is certainly an unpleasant experience and that can make any owner panic, given the love that is felt towards our four-legged friends. Epistaxis, or nose … Read more

Campylobacteriosis in cats: cause, symptoms, treatment

Campylobacteriosis in cats is caused by a bacterium, responsible for intestinal disorders in the feline: let’s see how to recognize the pathology. Campylobacteriosis in cats is a bacterial infection. This bacterium is often found in the bowels (gastrointestinal tract) of cats and other healthy mammals. It is found much more often in dogs, although it can also affect cats, … Read more

Hypophosphataemia in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease

Hypophosphatemia in dogs, a problem that can occur in pets. Let’s see what are the triggering causes, the various symptoms and the appropriate treatment. Living with your dear four-legged friend, you realize how often his health is delicate and how much care he needs to get the well-being he deserves. Dog can be subject, since he was … Read more