Cats in a Carrier : concerns, how to make their travel comfortable

How many times has it happened to each of us to take their cat, with the kennel, to the vet or a move or even a simple move? Surely we will have noticed that our cat has started to have strange behaviors. Dilated pupils, swollen hair and drool at the mouth. Just like humans, animals can also suffer from motion sickness. This … Read more

Cat injured in a fight: how to cure injuries

Sometimes you find yourself with a cat that comes home injured after a fight: here’s what to do to treat the injuries and understand if there is something serious after a fight between cats. Cats are very territorial animals and they become combative and quarrelsome if some other specimen tries to appropriate their area: this … Read more

Motion sickness in cats: cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention

The cat has the same symptoms of motion sickness that humans also have. However, it will be necessary to identify whether it is stress, anxiety or motion sickness in the cat. The cat is generally an animal that does not like to travel and in particular to travel by car. There is a reason associated with this, … Read more

Tips to get the cat in the carrier without problems

Cats may reject the carrier to travel because of fear, so you have to transform this accessory into a pleasant place and opt for a removable model Traveling with cats is not always easy, even for small trips such as a simple visit to the vet. And is that the problems usually start very early, specifically, when … Read more

6 steps to travel with cats without stress

Felines are not friends to travel, but using pheromones, anchoring their carrier in the car and avoiding dizziness are tricks that help them Most cats are not traveling friends, and many prefer to stay at home, in the care of a friend or professional, during the holidays. But how do you travel with your cat if you … Read more


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