Kitten food: when to switch to adult cat food?

The nutritional needs of kittens are different from those of adult cats. And for good reason, they are still growing! It is for this reason that kittens must benefit from a diet specially designed to promote their development. But at what age should you switch to adult cat food? We tell you everything in this article! The difference between … Read more

Why do some cats eat their kittens?

Eating a kitten, the cutest living thing in the world, seems completely crazy and despicable at the same time. And yet, this is what some females do after giving birth to their young. Rest assured right away, this act of cannibalism is not uncommon among our feline friends and it always takes place for a (good?) reason. So … Read more

Gestation period of cats

Gestation period of cats, a rather simple calculation even if nature then does what it wants and it is good to know what happens in this delicate process to manage it better. Cats always do a little bit of their own business and even with the gestation period of cats, the same happens. The fertility period of cats is … Read more

Feeding the kitten: from birth to weaning

The feeding of the kitten in the phases ranging from birth to weaning includes a series of aspects that should not be underestimated: here is everything you need to know. The cat’s nutritional needs change many times over the course of its life, starting from birth up to old age: controlling the cat’s diet at all stages is essential … Read more

Feeding the kitten: how to feed it in its first months of life

What is the best kitten diet? We review essential foods and nutrients for your puppy to grow strong and healthy. Deciding to adopt a small kitten is a bit like becoming parents: attention and responsibility towards it will fill our days. We must take care of him in every respect, to make him grow strong and healthy. One … Read more

The heat in the cat: from the first cycle to pregnancy

When it comes to cat heat, not everyone knows how it develops and how many stages it involves. In today’s card we will explain how to best behave during the heat of our kitten. The reproductive system of the cat is composed of: Ovary, Uterus which includes the uterine horns and uterine tubes (salpinx), body of the uterus, … Read more

Useful tips to Train a Kitten

If you’ve always wondered how to educate a newly brought home kitten, here are some rules to know. When we talk about cats, the people around us all think of one thing: INDEPENDENCE. Sure, the cat is an independent and solitary animal, but not all appearances are true! The cat tightens from an early age a very strong bond … Read more

How to get a kitten used to the litter box? some tips

As very often happens, we can associate the cat with an animal that does not need to leave the house to do its business outside but that manages itself completely autonomously. Sometimes, however, concrete difficulties persist in educating the cat to go to the right places. The kitten from the moment it is born until about weaning is helped … Read more

Weaning cats: some answers come from a research

In the past few weeks, we have offered you a guide with some tips for educating your cat. The study explains: “Early abandonment increases aggression and stereotypical behavior in cats.” It is then recalled: “The recommended age for weaning of 12 weeks should be increased by at least two weeks. Extending weaning is an easy and convenient way to improve the … Read more