Why is your cat obsessed with the Christmas tree?

Every winter, it’s the same story: once you have installed balls, garlands and other Christmas decorations on the tree and in the house, you can be sure that your cat will be happy to play with them. Like it’s been waiting for Christmas all year just for that. But what attracts them so much? The fact that it … Read more

Christmas: how do I prevent my cat from destroying gift wrap?

Every year, it’s the same thing: you spend hours carefully wrapping your Christmas presents and arranging them nicely at the foot of the tree. But all your efforts are always reduced to nothing by… your cat! This little rascal has a nasty habit of scratching their teeth on gifts or, more precisely, on gift wrap. As a result, … Read more

Christmas Recipes for Cats

Christmas recipes to make your cat happy. Christmas is near and preparations are going crazy. Begin the race to the Christmas decorations and to the choice of the Christmas tree that you should be ready to preserve from your cat’s curiosity. Once the house has been properly decorated, you can start thinking about the Christmas lunch. On the web you can … Read more

Cat and Christmas tree: how to have both at home without risk

With the arrival of the Christmas holidays, do you want to decorate the tree but are you afraid for cat’s health and safety? Don’t worry, here’s how to combine the presence of a cat and a Christmas tree in the house. The symbol of Christmas par excellence is the tree, but if you have a cat at home it is very likely that you are … Read more

Christmas foods dangerous for cats: which ones to avoid

There are some Christmas foods that can be very dangerous for the cat: here are the foods to avoid during the holidays for the health of the cat. With the approach of the Christmas holidays the house is filled with many tasty and fragrant foods that are certainly coveted by our feline friend: it is … Read more

Post-holiday depression in cats

Sadness for the end of the holidays? Not a human priority – here’s how to recognize and deal with post-holiday depression in cats. A happy and carefree holiday and a depressing return home? It is more frequent than we think and it does not concern us humans only: it seems that our feline friends also suffer from … Read more

How protect your cat from firecrackers and fireworks

More than half of the felines suffer from a phobia of the fireworks and firecrackers that are thrown frequently at Christmas, a fear that generates serious anguish and increases their loss Did you know that more than half of cats have a very real fear of firecrackers and fireworks? And that two out of ten cats … Read more

Traveling with cats by car this Easter

Felines prefer not to travel, but a number of tricks can be followed to reduce their stress in case there is no other alternative. Cats prefer not to travel : most do not like changes of scenery, they stress in the car and fear the moment to enter the carrier. But, as in everything, there are exceptions. Some cats do … Read more

Guide to traveling with cats and dogs at Christmas

Using natural anxiolytics and pheromones and not driving on a full stomach are simple tricks that help dogs and cats to travel without dizziness and happy this vacation This explains why 50% of people who live with dogs and 25% of those who share their lives with felines have already travelled with their furry friends. Many … Read more

Games to play with the cat this Christmas

Games ward off feline boredom and are essential to keep your mind active and in tip-top shape The games cats are more important than it might seem. These tricks will help to play with the feline this Christmas, to keep its mind active and reduce behaviour problems, often motivated by simple boredom.