6 tips to prevent your cat from climbing the curtains

The cat loves to jump, climb, but also run. This animal is a real acrobat, especially when it comes to climbing curtains! It can therefore be difficult to manage it and prevent it from causing too much damage in the house. It is therefore essential to act quickly in order to properly educate your animal. In addition, certain behaviors … Read more

Is it okay to scold the cat when training it?

When we talk about education, we hardly refer to cats. In fact, it is a species that unlike dogs is more independent and tends not to obey orders. However, domestic cats often and willingly have behaviors that should be correct and from an early age I have to learn certain teachings. The character of the cat is quite … Read more

How to train a kitten

Raising a puppy cat is like approaching a free spirit The cat, unlike the dog, has had a more recent domestication process. That is, the dog from the dawn of time is the faithful companion of man. The coexistence with domestic cats is more recent, although we are still talking about more than ten thousand years ago. The cat … Read more

Dangerous games and pastimes for cats to avoid

Cats are very playful: but what are the dangerous games that they absolutely shouldn’t play? All prohibited items. Spending time playing with our cat is one of the main reasons perhaps why many choose him as a pet: it is fun to be together and also use some games made especially for him. Yet there are objects that … Read more

Exercises for the senior cat: 6 ways to help your cat

The most effective way to ensure your kitty’s health is by having him do the right exercises for the senior cat. He will be very grateful to you. Cats, it’s a joy to play with. Even just having one at home brings joy and improves the quality of life. Anyone who says cats are anaffective and self-centered has … Read more

Exercise for the indoor cat: five easy ways to do it

An indoor cat does not have the same opportunities to exercise as a “colleague” who lives outdoors. How to do a little activity around the house? In the life of an outdoor cat, physical activity is everywhere and often impossible to avoid. But when a cat lives indoors, where he has all the amenities, he probably doesn’t … Read more

How risky can nasal cryptococcosis in cats be? Recommendations

How risky can nasal cryptococcosis

How Risky Can Nasal Cryptococcosis in Cats Be? Understanding the Dangers Nasal cryptococcosis in cats is a significant fungal infection primarily affecting the respiratory tract, particularly the nasal cavity. Caused by the fungi Cryptococcus neoformans or Cryptococcus gattii, the disease poses several risks to feline health. If your cat is diagnosed with this condition, it … Read more

The cat pees everywhere: causes and remedies to make it stop

Not all cats use the litter box: sometimes there are some problems that lead the cat to pee everywhere: but what are the causes and how to make it stop? Cats are usually very attentive to hygiene and cleanliness animals and they get very annoyed if they are not in a perfectly clean and tidy … Read more

How long do you have to play with your cat?

Felines need at least 30 minutes of play every day, as this activity stimulates their natural behavior and reduces overweight and problems such as anxiety or depression. Playing with cats is not only fun and stimulating, it is also very important for felines. But how long do you have to play with them per day? The experts explain … Read more

How do I get my two cats to get along?

Two felines will get along well at home, if they are offered separate food bowls, they are sterilized and their owner’s pampering is doubled when they are together Fights between cats are a natural and very frequent behaviour. But this does not mean that they cannot be stopped and that two felines get along. How to get … Read more