Hair loss in cats: causes and remedies

The loss of hair in cats is normal, daily, and it is useless to mention it to the owners of these animals, but it depends on the quantity. A minimum, just enough to “bless” the clothes and sofa covers, is nothing to worry about, but if we begin to see piles of fur hovering around the house, it … Read more

Ticks in cats: symptoms and how to remove them

Ticks – one of the most dangerous enemies for our cats. Ticks can cause very serious damage: if they are not subjected to strict control, cats can be attacked and thus run into dangerous diseases such as Lyme borreliosis, viral encephalitis and fever. Symptoms of ticks in cats To avoid delay in identifying the problem it is important to learn to … Read more

Cat fleas: natural remedies

Cat fleas: there are natural remedies, it is advisable to try them always by asking our veterinarian for advice. Because not all natural is effective and can even be toxic for our friend. But there are also very quick remedies that you can take as soon as your cat scratches itself more than usual. Cat fleas are very common but … Read more

Cat hair (all you need to know)

FUNCTIONALITY’: The cat’s coat acts as thermal insulation. In the wild, the color of the fur also serves as camouflage and is related to the environment. The hairs also serve to defend against temperatures that are too high and above all from those below the norm: evident is the case of the Norwegian cat that protects it … Read more

Simple tips to bathe your cat

Not everyone knows that cats and water have always been enemies. Although the cat is an animal used to washing itself, there are occasions when it is unable to completely clean its coat. Why? For reasons of stubborn dirt, greasy hair, toxic substances that have stuck to the skin, or even pharmacological treatments that the vet has prescribed … Read more

The Cat has Dandruff: causes and treatments

 The term “dandruff” refers to the shedding of skin cells from under the fur of an animal. All cats lose skin cells naturally, and these cells are usually washed off during bathing or, in the case of cats, naturally come out of the coat. Dandruff in Cats Dandruff in cats is found  on the scalp and gives … Read more

Protecting the cat from the cold: useful tips

Protect the cat from the cold: even if it seems protected by its furry coat, the cat actually feels cold just like us. Here’s how to look after your cat in the winter. Protecting the cat from the cold, useful tips In winter, temperatures even drop below zero, there are many rainy days and sometimes you … Read more

The cat loses its hair: seasonal moult or disease?

When the cat loses its hair: what are the symptoms of a disease? Here are all the causes and remedies of feline alopecia. Example of cat hair loss or alopecia That the cat loses its hair is absolutely normal: at two times of the year in particular, in autumn and summer, the cat ‘becomes lighter’: the … Read more

Cat sheds its fur: advice on what to do.

There are several factors that cause cat hair loss. How to recognize and treat them. The cat loses its fur Hair loss in cats is a normal factor, but when it becomes excessive we can have a wake- up call that makes us think of something troubling. With the change in temperature, the feline goes through the moulting phase and replaces its coat, to … Read more

How and when to shear a cat

Shearing a cat: an easy way to do it. Shearing the cat The cat and the water have always been enemies. Our lovely pet cats much prefer to wash themselves. Every day, in fact, they usually groom themselves and dedicate a lot of their time to this activity. This is why it is very rare to hear from … Read more