White Cats: breeds and character

Cats white or not, Confucius said: “The color of the cat doesn’t matter, it just matters that it catches the mouse“. Yet many others are convinced that the color of the hair can affect the character or that it is in any case linked in some way. White cats, like their colorful colleagues, have lived alongside humans for years and … Read more

Breeds of cats suitable for children

Breeds of cats for children, in the animal world, feline, kitten, here’s how to orient yourself to choose an animal that is suitable for the little ones of the house. Not only that you respect them and don’t hurt them, but that you play with them. The 10 recommended cat breeds for children are also wonderful breeds. 1) Ragdoll … Read more

What is a Pedigree Cat?

Pedigree cat, contains important information, just like that of dogs, with some differences that can be interesting to know not only for professional breeders. Pedigree cat: what it is First of all, a cat is not officially purebred if it does not have a document that certifies it and this document is precisely the pedigree. It is a … Read more

European Marbled Cat

Marbled cat, a very rare feline as much as it is fascinating especially because of its fur. It was even considered extinct in the mid-2000s but reappeared in Malaysia between 2009 and 2010, it is still an animal that is difficult to spot and therefore also to study. European marbled cat Belonging to the Pardofelis family, this feline … Read more

Margay or Wied’s cat

Margay, a cat almost at risk according to the IUCN, and already since 2008 because from a report drawn up in that year the number of specimens of this feline is in continuous decline. The causes? The forests, which are the natural and necessary habitat for this animal, are disappearing. The name of this species was chosen in honor … Read more

What is a Calico Cat?

The calico cat is always female, or almost, because it is tricolor and there cannot be male tricolor cats for genetic reasons, with some very rare exceptions. The male calico cat brings good luck, there is the Japanese Maneki-neko lucky charm that portrays one, but otherwise it is always female, a female who has three-colored fur: white, orange and black. … Read more

Serval cat: characteristics

Serval cat, fascinating feline certainly not among the most common but undoubtedly among the most mysterious and beautiful. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information about it, about its origins and also about its current distribution. As a good feline he takes care to let us have news of him and he stays on top of him. The … Read more

Viverral cat: characteristics

The Viverral cat is a little known cat, its scientific name is Prionailurus viverrinus and it is not a cat of those we are used to keeping at home, on the contrary, it loves freedom and loves…. to fish! It has long legs and a short tail, its dimensions are those of a medium-sized feline, let’s see how it behaves in its … Read more

Black-footed cat: characteristics and breeding

The black-footed cat has nothing to do with the famous and very nice Puss in Boots, indeed, if we want to be honest here, the black-footed cat is not at all nice given its solitary and also particularly aggressive habits. The black-footed cat is by definition not very sociable and is known as the “anthill tiger” – This nickname immediately … Read more

Burma cat: appearance, character, care

Burma cat: for show, companion or breeding, however, it is a lovable and beautiful cat, docile and friendly. That of the Burma cat is an elegant breed, with a massive build and blue eyes. There is a very precise standard on genetic characteristics and therefore selection is difficult. The pet Burma cat is the specimen that, despite being magnificent, shows “defects” … Read more