Cat in heat: How long does it last, Phases, Behaviour

Living with a cat in heat can sometimes be a bit tricky. The good news is that there are solutions like sterilization.

Sterilizing your cat is the best decision you can make for her because you will improve her quality of life.

But it will also be good for coexistence with family members, as you will put an end to those pitiful meows and the behavior associated with the cat’s heat .

But let’s take a closer look at everything about the heat of cats , learn to identify when she is experiencing her first heat, the phases of it and how to help her. Let us begin.

The zeal of the Cats, behaviour

Heat is a fundamental period in the reproductive cycle of cats . During heat, female cats show a series of symptoms through which they communicate to male cats that they are sexually receptive , ready for copulation and to reproduce.

Cats do not bleed during heat, but you can tell that your cat is in heat if she shows the following symptoms :

They become affectionate

Female cats can also experience changes in character and behavior due to hormonal fluctuations. In mating season the cat asks for pampering and can be very insistent.

They rub against everything

Affectionate animals rub their bodies against their masters, but a cat in heat will rub against everything she finds , including furniture.

They start rolling on the floor

Face up, lying on its back and showing its belly and genitals as a claim for males.

Their meows are very typical

The meows of heat are not the usual meows, they become insistent, harsh and desperate . It’s her way of calling the rest of the pack to let them know that her time to be a mom has come.

Also, during the estrus phase of heat, if you stroke your cat by putting your hand on her back, she raises her hips by deflecting her tail to one side . It does this because it is the position of the mount when they have the male on top.

First heat in cats

The first heat of a cat comes soon, as soon as the animal reaches 4 months of life, although in some cases it can be delayed until the age of 11 months .

This will depend on the weight of the cat, since heat appears when the cat has already reached 75% of her adult weight .

In any case, it depends on the breed and lifestyle of the animal. For example, short-haired female cats come into heat earlier .

And the same happens with street cats. In addition, if other cats live in the same territory, this also influences puberty to advance.

How long does the zeal of the cats last?

Another problem with heat in cats is precisely that they have it very often. The period of heat will vary from one cat to another, but in general, they can show heat every 8 to 10 days .

These cases usually correspond to cats that do not ovulate unless they have been mounted. Other times, cats do ovulate even if they do not have a male to mount them and they get heat every 40 or 60 days.

How to calm a cat in heat

●  We should be affectionate with her and pamper her during those days. It is good to take the opportunity to caress her or brush her hair, when she approaches us.

●  Provide a comfortable and quiet place in the house . Unless it is warm, as the heat is proven to calm the effects of heat. It is very important on these days to avoid contact with an unsterilized male cat. If possible, close the domestic entrances, so that other cats from outside cannot enter or keep an eye on the common open spaces.

●  The catnip is effective for some cats in heat. Test her reaction, she may calm down a bit more, although in some cats, it can have the opposite effect. Keep that in mind.

●  You can try feliway or synthetic feline pheromones. It is effective for cats with symptoms of stress , so it may be a good idea to calm her down.

Season and phases of heat

Sunlight is also an important factor in the appearance of heat. This usually appears when the days are longer.

However, this rule, although it is applicable to street cats, in domestic cats that are inside our house can vary because the climatic conditions are different .

As for the zeal of the cats itself, we can distinguish 5 phases that are:

● Proestrum : ovulation begins. Here the cat begins to need more pampering.

● Estrus : one or two days after the proestrus comes the estrus. It usually lasts a week, although it can be shorter, as little as 3 days, or longer, up to 14 days. Here all the symptoms of heat are manifested and, if there is mating, the cat ovulates.

● Interestrus : when there was no ovulation, there is a break of between 3 days and two weeks after which heat returns.

● Right-handed : there has been ovulation but no pregnancy. However, your uterus prepares to receive a pregnancy so a false pregnancy can occur and it seems that it is. This phase lasts one month.

● Anestrus : finally rest comes. This sexual rest lasts between 45 and 90 days. It normally takes place between October and December when the days are shorter and the weather is worse.

False beliefs about the zeal of cats

There are many taboos around which cats must breed at least once in their life. However, there is no basis to justify this and sterilization is always the most recommended option, in addition to avoiding unnecessary abandonment of animals and premature deaths.

Recommendations and tips

The best advice is to sterilize your cat as this will prevent her from going into heat continuously and prevent other diseases in her reproductive system .

Advantages of sterilizing

● Prevents cancer in reproductive organs.

● Reduces anxiety.

● Prevents the animal from escaping from home.

● Stop meowing and annoying behaviour.

In summary, now you know if your cat is in heat and how you can do so that her quality of life improves and living with her is satisfactory.

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