Cat in heat: 5 tips to calm her down

Your cat has been in heat for several days and you can no longer stand them untimely meowing in the middle of the night and their excessive signs of affection? So here are 5 solutions to calm them down and ensure that your daily life by their side becomes livable again!

Good to know: the first heat appears in females at the age of sexual maturity, which corresponds to puberty, around the age of 6 months. Then, if they do not mate, heat returns every two to three weeks and lasts 4 to 10 days. On the other hand, if there is mating and fertilization, they then go into gestation for a period of about 60 days.

1. Distract them

In order to prevent your cat from thinking about their reproductive urges, try to distract them. To do this, give them a lot of attention by playing with them, brushing them and cuddling them.

Offer them new toys every day and buy them a cat tree to entertain them and tire them out a bit. The more exhausted it is at the end of the day, the more it will leave you alone!

2. Use a damp towel

It may sound strange, but a damp towel or warm pillow can help soothe your cat in heat. Encourage them to go to bed on it and the effect will be immediate.

Also, if it’s hot and you’re in a heat wave, it will cool it down and prevent heat stroke. Indeed, cats are unable to sweat since they have very few sweat glands, which are mainly located in the legs. In comparison, humans have sweat glands all over their bodies.

3. Trigger ovulation

In cats, ovulation is triggered at the time of mating. If you have no intention of letting a male touch any hair on your female but still want to stop them heat, go to your veterinarian. The latter will give them an injection of hormones to induce ovulation and put an end to this period of heat.

4. Give them soothing products

Homeopathic or phytosanitary products exist on the market to calm the ardor of cats in heat. Ask your veterinarian for advice so that it can direct you to the right product according to the state of health of your hairball.

5. Opt for sterilization

If you do not want your cat to have kittens, the wisest thing is to opt for sterilization. This operation, which must be performed from the age of 6 months, involves removal of the ovaries. It also helps protect the animal from serious health problems (mammary tumours, uterine infections, etc.).

Note that there is a contraceptive pill designed specifically for unsterilized cats who want to continue to be able to have litters. But its use is strongly discouraged. Indeed, prolonged use of this method of contraception could have serious consequences on the health of your little cat.

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