Cat in heat: 10 unmistakable signs!

The first heat in the cat appears during its first year of life, from the age of 7 months. Several factors are decisive in the more or less rapid appearance of heat, such as the presence of a male nearby, the weight or the strong light to which the females are exposed. The heat generally lasts 2 to 3 weeks and returns on average every 2 months (for some it is every 15 days!). But unlike female dogs, cats do not have blood loss, which sometimes makes it difficult to detect when they are in heat. Here are the signs that do not lie!

If your cat’s behavior in heat becomes really unbearable, discover all our tips to calm her down!

1. It rubs itself

If you want to know if your cat is in heat, the first thing to do is observe their behavior. If the latter rubs against everything that is within reach (furniture and people) when it does not usually do so, there is no longer any doubt to be had.

2. It meows a lot

When a cat is in heat, she tends to spend their day (and night) meowing insistently. Its meows are hoarse, similar to moans.

3. It is more affectionate

Does your cat suddenly seem to need a lot of affection? It is always in demand of caresses and hugs? Look no further, it’s in heat.

4. It shows you their ass

As soon as you caress your pussy, it stiffens, turns its back on you and lifts its tail high, placing it on the side so that you have a bird’s eye view of its genitals. This is their mating position.

5. It licks their genitals

The cat is a particularly clean animal that has the habit of washing several times a day. But if your cat licks their genitals more often than usual, it’s not to clean them.

6. It tries to escape

A cat in heat can be very persuasive in convincing their human to let them out. But above all, don’t give up! If it puts a paw out, it could not only come back pregnant, but it could also go looking for a male and not come back at all.

7. It rolls on the floor

If your cat is just rolling around on the floor and squirming around casually, it’s a sign that their urge to reproduce is tickling them.

8. It pees everywhere

Some cats may make urine markings in the house to notify their presence to potential males. In this case, they urinate standing up instead of squatting as usual.

9. It is restless

During their heat period, the cat is restless, even a little nervous. In this case, it is difficult for them to concentrate.

10. It purrs more often

If your cat is in heat, their purrs will become more frequent.

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