Cat in contact with mold: what risks there are

Is your cat not breathing well? It could be that the cat has come into contact with mold in the rooms or on the food: all about the risks to his health and how to avoid them.

How is it bad for us, our children, is it bad for our pets too? Of course we can think that it is not a cure-all, but do we really know what the effects of mold are on the cat and the real risks to its health? The question is more than legitimate if we consider that there are some greedy foods for us and absolutely harmful to the health of our Pets (think for example of chocolate). Let’s see what are the symptoms of mold poisoning in your cat and the best remedies to heal it.

Molds: what they are and which are the most toxic

Those dark spots that often lurk under the ceiling or in damp places such as the corners of the shower tray are not all the same and, above all, they do not all have the same effect on humans and pets. These are really tiny spores, which reach the lungs through the nasal septum. Some foods can worsen possible allergic reactions in contact with mold.

It is easy to find it, as already mentioned, in humid places but also in gardens and in home air conditioners.

Let’s distinguish some of the most toxic and harmful types in circulation.

Muffa Stachybotrys sheets

Also known as ‘toxic black mold’, it has a name that does not bode well. It causes very serious breathing problems, often fatal, and also damages the functioning of the heart system. The cat, exposed frequently to this type of mold, can develop pulmonary hemorrhages.


Strain different from the previous one and which includes parasites that develop in the cat’s intestine. This mold often sticks to damp walls, but also to the foods that the cat eats and remains in the air it breathes, so it can be inhaled. It is much more dangerous for kittens and felines with chronic immune diseases.

And moldy foods?

Of course, moldy foods also put the health of our favorite domestic feline at risk: the consequences can be very serious and cause damage even on a neurological level. In fact, episodes of mental confusion are not excluded among the effects, not to mention vomiting, nausea and diarrhea up to spasms and convulsions.

Cat in contact with mold: symptoms and signs

Do you suspect that your cat has been in contact with mold or maybe there are corners of the house where it has hidden and that have escaped our watchful eye? The only sure answer we can have is to observe the reaction of our beloved pet feline’s body. Let’s see what effects mold causes on cats and how to recognize them:

  • excessive itching,
  • discharge from the nose and eyes,
  • breathing difficulties (coughing and sneezing),
  • lack of appetite,
  • weakness,
  • convulsions and spasms,
  • licks excessively.

And among the devastating effects, which unfortunately are not visible to the naked eye, there is a progressive lowering of the immune defenses: in this way pets will be more exposed to diseases and less and less strong to fight them.

Cat in contact with mold: the most effective remedies

The first thing to do is to move your cat to a clean, non-humid room and have him regularly checked by the vet to keep an eye on the onset or worsening of breathing problems.

Although most molds are not lethal, they can nevertheless be harmful to your health and cause the symptoms mentioned above. Of course then you have to take care of the cleaning of the rooms: it is useful to know that there are companies specialized in the remediation and sanitation of rooms with mold problems.

Unfortunately, the products we use for the daily cleaning of the house can prove to be totally ineffective for problems of this type, not to mention that some products are absolutely harmful to the health of the cat (think of a cat attracted to bleach). Disinfectants with natural antibacterials are much more effective!

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