Cat has dirt in its eyes: causes, solution

The cat with dirty eyes may have some pathology. Here are the most common causes and the solutions to be adopted.

Dirty cat eyes can be a symptom of some pathologies. For this reason it is a symptom that should not be neglected and that requires prompt intervention. What are the causes of the problem? What are the solutions to adopt? Let’s find out together in this article, relying on the opinion of the experts.

The importance of sight for the cat

We know how cats have a highly developed sense of smell and how important it is to them. However, when it comes to pets, we tend to overlook the importance of sight. Well the sight in the cat is a fundamental sense. As we know these felines see particularly well at night.

Let’s say they are genetically predisposed for night hunting, preferably at the crack of dawn, and their sight is as lethal as their claws. Ergo, don’t underestimate the importance of eyes to your kitty.


Dirty eyes are one of the most obvious (and known) symptoms of conjunctivitis in cats.  In this case you will need to take the cat to the vet immediately. How to tell if it is conjunctivitis?

In the presence of this pathology, the cat’s eye appears opaque, as if there was a patina on the affected pupil. In the more advanced stage, the eye may have a discharge of pus.

Other pathologies

The cat with dirty eyes is not always affected by conjunctivitis. The causes, although rarer, can be different. There are also other pathologies that can affect him which include, among the various symptoms, eye problems.

In addition to these conditions, the problem could be caused by food allergies in the cat. Also in this case the only real option is to take the animal to visit the veterinarian, in order to discover, through a specific investigation, the food responsible for the dirt in the eyes of the feline.

Finally, inflammation or occlusion of the tear ducts, or their congenital malformation, must also be included. Although the latter hypothesis is much rarer.

Cleaning the cat

The cat is an extremely clean animal. Each of us knows that he dedicates hours and hours every day to cleansing his body. The reason is simple: it is a behavior inscribed in the cat’s DNA, inherited directly from its ancestors who lived in the wild.

Well, by constantly cleaning himself, he made himself unavailable to the nose of his natural hunters, in particular by eliminating the smell of urine. However, even the cat has limitations. And one of the few places he can’t clean himself is his eyes. And here we take over.

How to clean a cat’s eyes

The operation may not be that simple. In short, not all cats are so willing to cooperate. First of all we need to get the right material: gauze and a specific solution for cleaning the cat’s eyes are enough. Once you have what you need, you can start.

First of all it is necessary to reassure the cat. Play with him when a minute, cuddle him, talk to him. After that, choose the best position to clean his eyes: then on your lap or on a flat and solid surface, such as the classic table.

Wet the gauze with the solution and gently place it on the part to be cleaned. Beware of the force you use, especially if the eye is very irritated. Always use a piece of gauze that is always clean for every single movement: the danger is to reintroduce the dirt removed into the cat’s eyes.

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