Cat grass: benefits of this plant


There is a plant, cat grass, which literally sends our cats into raptures but also has multiple beneficial abilities. The leaves of Nepeta cataria (scientific name) have in fact an irresistible smell for our cats, which is why they are greedy. Catnip contains vitamins, minerals, essential oils and especially nepetalactone. The latter has a euphoric, aphrodisiac and rejuvenating effect, even on very lazy or elderly cats, acting as a real pheromone. It is proven that it can improve the mood of cats just by smelling it a little.


The smell and the effect on the cat originate from the vomeronasal organ with which the cat perceives odors and hormones. You will be able to witness a true loving outpouring towards this plant; the cat will rub it, lick it and finally eat all the stems, even purring. It has also been shown to have no harmful effects on any feline, even when consumed in massive doses.

This fantastic herb improves the peristalsis of our cat and induces vomiting in him during the moulting period so as to get rid of excess hair. It also contains a lot of folic acid and vitamin b29. 


  • Giving the cat part of the leaves so as not to allow him to consume them all and continue the cultivation of the plant, does not cause addiction and is recommended to use 2-3 times a week.
  • Crushed fresh grass: proceed as in the previous point, except that the leaves are pounded a little before giving them to the cat. 
  • We can rub the leaves of cat grass both on the scratch-puller and in the cat’s bed so as to make play and relaxation irresistible.
  • In the same way, we can rub some catnip on new objects that we have introduced into the house that the cat does not seem to accept.
  • We could use it in the pet carrier while traveling and before making it travel by rubbing some of it inside so as to avoid furious and dying fights.
  • A little catnip can also be chopped fresh on foods to entice animals with no appetite or with superfine palates, even after a convalescence.
  • When you introduce a cat to a new home, you can rub the catnip in the spaces intended for it to make it settle more quickly and with less stress.

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