Cat eating the litter

The cat that eats the litter box often wants to tell us something serious or not. Be careful not to underestimate the signals.

The cat and its behaviors: the cute felines with expressive eyes often conquer the hearts and minds of owners who cannot do without their purring and their contained and elegant cuddles. Certainly the attitudes, some strange, of our furry 4-legged friend must not be neglected.

Even some bizarre ways of doing things can be symptoms of physical and mental illness. In fact, who has never noticed their cat while eating the sand from the litter box? This behavior does not always represent a nice way to play; often hides messages that are not to be underestimated. Let’s go through them together.

Cat eating the litter box: what does it want to tell us?

The cat that eats the sand of the litter box, sometimes wants to indicate that it suffers greatly from stress. Often in fact, subjected to periods of physical and emotional stress, they tend to change their eating habits and also manifest it in a strange, unexpected and unsuspected way.

Not only. Eating litter grains of sand can be a serious or non -serious health problem. Eating unusual things can mean both pancreatic problems and kidney failure. In the first case, eating soil can indicate discomfort related to digestion: the animal is unable to assimilate certain substances contained in food, or it may have some intolerance and therefore tends to assimilate food and fill its deficiencies, chewing sand or soil. some plants.

This can be very dangerous because eating these foods is a real danger for our pet.

Finally, there may be kidney failure that leads the cat to believe that strange things are in fact good, so it will totally change its eating habits. Also in this case, we advise you to keep your eyes open: changing the way you eat, it means that the feline will be able to ingest everything, even those that clearly harm his digestive system.

Psychological or physical illnesses? How to behave?

So what to do in this case? Of course it is always good to contact your trusted veterinarian, pay a visit and understand what could be the causes of this strange attitude. In case it would be right to carry out specific analyzes to understand if there are food shortages or not.

While waiting for serious measures, it is still advisable to exclude the first hypothesis and consequently understand if the cat is stressed and what attitudes may have caused this state of mind in case of helping the cat to overcome them.

Finally, it is always advisable to change the litter: the taste, significantly changed, could induce the hairy quadruped, large or small, to desist from tasting it further.

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