Cat Cold Symptoms and Treatment

If you’ve ever wondered if cats get colds, the answer is no.

In fact, cats do not get colds like humans. Colds in humans are caused by the rhinovirus, while cats acquire upper respiratory infections.

This infection is similar to a cold and is called  infectious rhinotracheitis, (also known as  cat flu).

What are the symptoms of cat colds?

Nasal discharge, ocular discharge often with inflammation, fever, mouth ulcers, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite are all symptoms of a cat cold.

The two main viruses responsible for 80% of upper respiratory tract infections in cats are “feline herpes” and “calicivirus”.

Other pathogens include chlamydia, bordetella, and mycoplasma. Igatti can get sick very quickly,

Kittens and older cats are particularly at risk. Healthy adult cats get sick but tend to recover within a week or two.

Once your cat is infected with the feline herpes virus, it will have it for life and in some stages it can “reactivate” and manifest symptoms again.

It is also possible that both viral infections are eliminated by the cat, which has no symptoms of infection but is capable of passing the infection to other cats.

How a cat cold is treated

There is no treatment for colds in cats, but supportive care is provided until the cat can fight the infection itself.

It can be assisted with fluids to treat dehydration.

Nasal discharge, in particular, can affect a cat’s sense of smell, which is vital to appetite. Helping remove discharge from the nose and eyes goes a long way in maintaining appetite.

In addition, in some cases, antiviral drugs may be prescribed, and in the case of a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be prescribed.

The water for nasal washes for children can also be used on kittens, just put a drop in each nostril once a day.

a “cold” cat needs all its strength so to fight the virus it will be necessary to encourage it to eat.

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