Caring for Teeth of the Hamster

Unlike most pets, rodents need our help to keep their teeth clean and healthy. To achieve this, we do not need to brush the hamster’s teeth, far from it, but there are certain things to take into account and what we can do to take care of our friends’ teeth, as we will see in the following lines.

Care through diet

A healthy, balanced diet is half the way to keeping your hamster’s teeth healthy. If we give them a correct diet we will never have to brush them, a task that by the way is not easy.

A healthy diet that is also made up of harder foods will allow the hamster to wear down its teeth, a very important detail because hamster teeth are constantly growing.

Yellow doesn’t mean dirty

Unlike many animals (including us humans), hamsters do not naturally have white teeth. His teeth are actually yellow. With this in mind, it is not necessary to look for in any way that their teeth are white, since it is normal that they present a very characteristic yellowish tone.

What we must be careful with is black teeth or with black spots, which will be a sign of decay or rotten teeth. If there are, we must go to the vet so that he can take care of his teeth.

Importance of wearing teeth

It is important that hamsters have something to gnaw on. They can be special accessories for it, toys or even the cage. The important thing is that you can gnaw on just about anything to wear down your diets.

Be very careful with toys and accessories that are not created especially for hamsters, because they can be toxic to them due to the paint or the type of material. If the hamster ingests some toxic ink, its health can be seriously impaired.

Teeth size

If the teeth of our pets are small, there will be no problem. With all the tricks that we have mentioned, we can keep your teeth the right size.

However, if they are too big, only the use of toys and a diet that allows you to wear down your teeth will not be enough. We will have to go to a vet so he can trim his teeth.

There are some species of hamsters that by nature cannot wear their teeth enough to be healthy, so it will be mandatory to go to the vet periodically so that he is the one who does it.

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