Caring for a new born kitten without a mother

If for any reason you have a new born cat at home that does not have its mother, it is essential that you offer it a lot of attention and all possible care so that it grows healthy and strong. At Petlifey, we explain how to take care of a new born cat without a mother so that in this way you can respond to the kitten’s needs.

Caring for new born cats without their mother

  • A new born kitten does not regulate its temperature easily, although it compensates for this by hanging out with its mother and the other kittens.

But if they are not there, you will be in charge of maintaining the temperature of your kitten, for this you must use blankets so that the kitten that has just been born is warm, although it is very important that these blankets do not weigh too much.

  • You can place a stuffed animal in your puppy’s crib, so that it acts as a mother and can lean on it.

This will give you confidence and warmth, so you will feel more comforted in the first days of life. And if you do not know how old it is, in our article how to know the age of a cat we will explain how to do it.

  • If you have it, you can also put on its bed a clock or alarm clock of those old ones that make a gentle TIC TAC. This sound reminds the cat pup of the beating of the mother’s heart. This will help you feel better and not feel alone.
  • And since you surely will not know if it is a kitten or a kitten, if you want to know the sex of your feline, you can easily find out if you consult our article entitled how to know if a cat is male or female.
  • It is essential that you know that in the first four weeks of life, kittens only drink liquids. You will have to give the kitten milk appropriate for its age. Under no circumstances give them cow’s milk as it can make them feel very bad.

You can find milk for kittens in any veterinary store or in online pet stores.

  • As a general rule, you have to give a new born kitten thirteen milliliters per hundred grams of weight, although the kitten itself, when it is not hungry, will stop drinking.
  • Regarding the assiduity of milk intakes, if the feline is in healthy conditions, it will be enough to feed it four times a day, if not, you will have to give it its milk intake every two hours.
  • To supply the milk to your feline you can use a syringe, a dropper or a bottle.

It is essential that whatever utensil you use, you take extreme hygiene measures and clean it thoroughly after using it, in this way you can feed your newborn cat while taking care of its health.

  • A newborn kitten needs stimulation from its mother to urinate and defecate, but in the absence of it, you have to take on this task.

To do this, you can use a cotton that you will have to pass very gently over the genitals and the anus of your little pet in order to relieve themselves.

  • If it begins to try to get on its four legs you can caress them very gently starting from the head to the tail.

This simulates the licks that its mother would give them to clean and groom them. This encouragement will make them wake up more easily.

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