Can you give valerian to cats? The effects of the plant on the cat

A plant widely used by man, together with chamomile. But can we also offer it to the Kitty? Let’s see if you can give valerian to the cat.

Valerian is a plant widely used in medicine in ancient times, especially to treat eye problems. Today this plant is used by man as a sedative.

When we live with a four-legged friend, we often wonder if the effects of a certain food or in this case a certain plant can also be beneficial for the feline. In this article we will see if we can give valerian to the cat.

Can we give the cat valerian?

There are many plants that can be poisonous to our little furry friend.

Valerian does not belong to this category, so it can be offered to our four-legged friend in moderation. However, before giving it to the cat, it is advisable to discuss with your veterinarian, as valerian, even if not toxic, can disturb the intake of any medications taken by the feline.

It has been stated by some veterinarians that this plant is very useful for calming a nervous cat. However, it is not the only effect that valerian has on the cat, as the latter could also become aroused, especially if the feline is neutered.

This is because this plant has valeric acid, a substance that has a smell that reminds the feline of pheromones. If valerian is offered to the male cat, the latter may also become aggressive. In this case it is necessary to stop giving valerian to our furry friend.

How to give valerian to cats?

It is very important to pay attention to how to administer Valerian to the cat.

In fact, this plant must absolutely not be ingested by the feline, but can be administered to the latter through a specific veterinary product recommended by the specialist.

Valerian can be beneficial for felines who suffer from stress. However, it is advisable not to overdo the administration, as it could cause addiction in our four-legged friend.

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