Can the Cat eat Sausages?

Can the cat eat sausage? Let’s see what the possible benefits or risks that are linked to the consumption of this salami.

The cat has a totally different gastrointestinal system from ours, so we can deduce that our food is not entirely suitable for the cat.

Furthermore, not being omnivorous but carnivorous, it has specific needs regarding what its diet is.

This means that when we find ourselves in front of a food that seems excellent to us and we would like to share it with our pet, we must stop and think, whether the cat can actually eat it or not.

When we are faced with a doubt it is better to inform us and ask the vet, as there are several foods that can be toxic to the cat. In today’s article, we will find out if the cat can eat sausage.

Can the cat eat sausage?

We assume that the sausage for the cat should not be a meal replacement.

It can be granted to the animal only if a chicken or turkey frankfurter is left over, without exaggeration and for sure the animal will be happy to taste it.

Therefore to the question “Can the cat eat the sausage?” The answer is Yes. From a nutritional point of view, it is not the best but an exception to the rule must be granted to everyone.

Keeping in mind that the frankfurter is prepared starting from the less valuable cuts of different animals.

It is a mixture of different parts of meat from animals such as pork, beef, chicken and / or turkey combined with ice and spices. The mixture is then cooked and smoked.

Experts recommend blanching or cooking it in a pan before offering it to the cat, but this also applies to humans.

On the other hand, they suggest avoiding pork frankfurters as the meat of this animal is not healthy for the cat.

Cat meats and sausages

It is a good idea to avoid our pet rushing to our table during mealtimes.

This behavior is completely wrong at an educational level but above all it generates an unhealthy habit that leads us to give food that is not suitable for the cat’s diet.

This is why it is preferable not to give in to the temptation to provide the cat with our food, especially if we are talking about various cured meats or sausages.

These foods tend to have no benefit on the animal’s body.

Nevertheless it is possible as an exception and not a rule, to give a taste of some cured meats, avoiding however the fattest, peppery and too spicy ones such as:

  • ham fat;
  • salami;
  • pancetta;
  • all cured meats tend to be salty and fatty.

While it is possible to let our cat taste the following cured meats:

  • slices of turkey or chicken breast;
  • cooked ham for the cat.

While with regard to pork it should be totally excluded from the cat’s diet.


Excessive consumption of sausages (sausage category) can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats.

The wrong diet in cats can cause liver problems, such as pancreatitis in cats. Not only that, in certain cases, it can also cause toxoplasmosis, a pathology that falls within zoonoses.

This disease is caused by a parasite that can be found inside raw pork, lamb and various raw sausages.

For this reason, as previously mentioned, the experts advised to cook the sausage before offering it to the cat.

Let’s not forget that it is a food with an excessive dose of salt.

Another reason why it is better not to overdo it, in order to avoid generating problems with the cat’s kidneys, such as: increase in blood pressure or any heart disease.

For all these reasons, if the cat has eaten an excessive amount of sausage and has symptoms such as: vomiting, lethargy or lack of appetite, it is important to notify the veterinarian immediately.

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