Can the cat eat mayonnaise? Benefits and risks

If we think of cats, it is certainly not a food that comes to mind as suitable for them, but before excluding, let’s check if the cat can eat mayonnaise.

When we feed our pets something, there is always a risk of some health problem. Some foods are even less common and can make us question how safe they are for them. The best thing is to always ask the experts and check so that it is possible to give them to our furry friends. The cat, for example, can eat many foods but must absolutely avoid others. And a food that may not be the easiest to imagine as eaten by a cat is mayonnaise. This sauce, based on eggs, oil, and since it goes very well with fish, maybe we think of giving the cat some dish in which there is mayonnaise.

Can the cat eat mayonnaise?

Although it is not really the most “normal” food to give to a cat, the answer is “yes, the cat can eat mayonnaise”. That is, it is not toxic for him / her, but it is certainly not a completely suitable food for cats that we can give in quantity and freely. Although, strange to say, it can even have nutritional benefits in some cases.

Mayonnaise is usually not seen as a very healthy condiment, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have nutritional values. It actually contains probiotic cultures. These help to produce useful bacteria inside the cat’s body, so as to improve the condition of its digestive system. In practice, they help digestion and the expulsion of feces.

But the cat’s digestive system is very sensitive, and every little change in its diet, in its habits, every little bit of stress or discomfort will have repercussions on its digestion. In fact, a very common problem is constipation. The reasons are many, it could be one of the causes described above, or changes in cat food, or the cat refusing to eat or drink.

And since mayonnaise can aid in proper digestion in our cat, it could be a useful addition to her meals. If we notice that our cat is not doing his business, we could try mixing some of this sauce with his food. The cat can eat mayonnaise to improve its digestive system as well. The suggested doses are half a teaspoon for every two kilograms of the cat’s weight. In reality, rather than using this little trick it would be better to avoid constipation originally, verifying the causes and applying all the appropriate solutions, rather than risking some negative repercussions of using mayonnaise.

Things to remember

Mayonnaise may be of interest to cats for the reasons explained so far, but it could also have negative repercussions. In the same way that it is not optimal for humans (and most importantly, very bad for dogs), mayonnaise is in fact a food with a high content of calories and unhealthy additives.

For example, most of the mayonnaise commonly on the market has a high fat content, which if consumed in a normal way by our cat could lead to obesity and intestinal problems. But also to diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, so we understand that it has a domino effect on the health of our cat.

Another reason why it should be carefully considered is that mayonnaise contains high levels of dairy products. Despite the image of the cat who loves to drink a huge bowl of milk, cats are lactose intolerant. Dairy products are commonly found in mayonnaise, so be careful which one we choose in case we want to give it to our cat. Also, if despite having given mayonnaise to our cat, the constipation continues, it is better to stop. If after three days the cat is still constipated, it is best to take him to the vet for a visit. In this way it will be possible to evaluate a more suitable medical treatment.

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